Cup RACE thread --- 600

Charlotte will go crazy if a rain delay gives
Larson enough time to jump in the car.
Larson's plane is zigzagging around the storms. Accuweather still thinks it will be a miss on rain.
Reddick, the car that went thru practice and inspection and then got caught adjusting the underwing.
Hmm...TV shows "larson's jet" but tracker shows it's at 5600 feet right now....wonder which is right
probably lightning within the 20 mile range or whatever it is.
They specifically said caution for rain, with 0 rain drops. Kyle Larson caution.

Kyle Busch's crew chief : "Larson's here, I'm sure they'll keep milking it. Ahh, bring it down pit road, they say lightning in the area."
Larson has landed on the speedway grounds and is headed to pit lane
wow this is comical. A Larson caution. It works in their favor to do a red flag driver change though, as TV has alluded.

I can't believe people are legally allowed to bet on this ****e at sportsbooks. It's WWE.
They could have done the drver change at the stage.
I don't think they would do an unnecessary race stoppage during to the potential to get more bad weather later.
did they seriously...seriously just bend how the flags were flown and hold the yellow extra long before showing the red
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