Cup RACE thread --- Indy

I don't understand why the 4 came down pit road.


If they want to look at the tires and see if they have a camber issue that they can change under the comp yellow?
If they can stretch it they could get a stage win or close to it. If not, they can pit late in the stage and grab track position for the beginning of stage two.
I still don't understand the 4's move. Planned the whole time? What? No way they can get 50 laps

wow crash on pit road
Geebus, what a clust****

Kurt having issues

Looks like MTJ took care of his ECU issues with that wreck

Damn, hope that 12 crew member is ok, that didnt look good.
Of course the 12 and crew get ******...
Pandemonium on pit rd. 19 caught up, don’t think his crew deserves to get fired for this one
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