Cup RACE thread --- Talladega

I'll be watching to see how quickly Kyle Larson can race his way to the front from his 38th starting spot and how long Michael McDowell can keep it up front.
Smart to let Van Gisenbergen run in the back for a stage or 2
They make this look so easy! I’d have a heart attack if I was racing in that pack, especially in the middle lane. Heck, I get anxiety driving in the center lane going down the highway at 65 mph.
Way off topic but I watched a video after Betts died by Rick Derringer, he said when he wrote " Rock n Roll Hoochie coo" and the first verse in the song where he sang " their was a band called the Jokers, they were laying it down" was about Betts and his first band before he joined the Allman Brothers. Had no idea, very cool
If I was in the bottom lane, I'd pit with the first cars regardless of manufacturer. Waiting for those in the upper lanes is asking for trouble.
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