Danica Patrick won’t return to Stewart-Haas in 2018

Discussion in 'NASCAR chat' started by AdoubleU24, Sep 12, 2017.

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    This is deja vu all over again, almost exactly like when she left Indycar. Any of this sound familiar?


    "Patrick was IndyCar’s most marketable personality but it wasn’t always a smooth ride. When she struggled in qualifying at Indy two years ago, Patrick told the crowd that the problem was her car’s setup. Fans showered her with boos, and then-teammate Tony Kanaan later urged Patrick to have more fun and change the attitude."
  3. Lmao you make it sound like she was coming to the finish line for the victory and was dumped several times and it cost her the race. Never happened. Lack of talent was the issue here. She finished so many races multiple laps down because she never was or has been any good.
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    Your entitled to your opinion. I have seen her running top 15 and get taken out as she lapped
    a couple of those wanna be drivers. The funny thing is all those people taking about what a poor driver she is don't make half the money she gets in interest. I think Danica has done a great job and her net worth says she did as well.
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    It takes more than lacking a Y chromosome to get you into the HoF I'm afraid.

    0 wins, 0 top-5's, and 7 top-10's in 180 starts ain't Hall of Fame type numbers.
  6. You have lower standards than me if you think she did a great job. And you're right, good on her for making a ton of money being a less than mediocre talent on the track. I don't blame her one bit for making as much as she can. I'm glad this is over in 10 races though. It's been a long time coming.
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    Not really, the field is smaller.
  8. And Brian Scott. I think that was his name.
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    I can't see Danica in the Hall because she just doesn't have the numbers.
    However, I have no problem with a special section in the Hall --- maybe, "Women in NASCAR" that includes ALL women who have competed.
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    I honestly feel that is where the HOF is going to sink, the popularity aspect , and that will be a damn shame when that happens, the merits of your career should get you into the HOF. I have no issue's with Danica being inducted to the HOF, but only after more deserving drivers get in first, I am not trying to take away the stuff she has done for NASCAR , but IMO its not enough to shoot her to the top of list over more deserving drivers.
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    Why is it sad? Time for them to go, if it wasn't there would be demand for them.
  12. Danica a hall of famer? If that ever happens they need to change the name to the NASCAR participation hall of fame.
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    what do you do for your family shut them out or give them the best you can?
  14. Great post........ and I can appreciate your opinion..... I just beg to differ on your view of the inductees....... I think most all of them made strides that would make them good choices....
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    Are you guys kidding? She's a guaranteed hall of famer. The only question is if she gets in on the first ballot.
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    So, why did Tony have Danica driving for him?
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    BTW, the fundamental problem with the HOF now is if they are inducting too many people every year. Five-member classes were needed the first year or two. But are there really enough clearly worthy people to keep putting in five every year?
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    How many different classes to they have in the HOF? Drivers, Owners, Builders, promoters etc.
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    You mean Smoke, the True Racer, put a mediocre driver in his car solely for the money? :tongue:
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    To be fair, I think most folks (Tony included) thought she would have more success. Unfortunately she just didn't seem to improve enough as time went on.
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    She should have been running as many companion events as Kyle Busch runs. She was fast tracked to the Cup Series without enough time in these type of cars.
  23. Absolutely, money makes the world go round, especially in NASCAR, for Danica though the sponsors have left because she turned out to be a less than mediocre talent. If she would have been even an average driver she would still have big time sponsors and be in the car. It was never going to happen though because some of us knew the truth all along about her lack of talent. It was an easy risk for Tony, especially for a newer startup team when he knew the money would be rolling in for the first few years.
  24. jws926

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    I am not sure that them leaving was all because of Danica's performance, Godaddy underwent some changes in 2013 when the new CEO took over, the reason stated for Godaddy ending its sponsorship was they changed their focus to more international marketing , and if you have noticed, there hasnt been very many Godaddy adverts on TV since that time, when before, they were plenty of GD adverts, at least during the race. I know they returned to running a advert in the Superbowl this year.

    That could all be BS.
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    Agree 100%. Like said in the other post, if you let EVERYBODY in, you don't have a Hall of Fame, you have a Hall of Popularity. I stand by the criteria I listed. I DO think they should have a special section to honor people who made significant or noteworthy contributions to the sport, but don't have HoF statistics. The actual HoF members should only be the best of the best.
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    I will refute your claim with the following facts:
    Tony Stewart did not have full sponsorship
    Matt Kenseth did not have full sponsorship
    Kurt Bush ran with his car owners money
    Kane lost his ride because of no sponsors
    Drivers who raced behind Danica did have sponsorship.

    Danica didn't lose her sponsors because she was mediocre, if anything it is Nascar who can't attract sponsors at the going rate. Why did Junior retire? Because HMS could no longer sustain
    his demands as a driver.
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  27. Tony in his last few seasons was completely horrendous on the track, also had a major incident that involved the death of a young man(I don't think he did it on purpose but it's still bad pr) He was also hurt and in and out of the car a bunch of times because of injuries. That wreck pretty much ruined the rest of his career and he was never the same afterwards. Why would a sponsor waste their time or money?

    Matt Kenseth, while a good racer has the personality of a wet noodle who can put anyone to sleep when he talks. Is that who you want representing your company?

    Kurt Bush had another terrible pr incident with that mess with his girlfriend, had a bunch of incidents where he has been a hot headed moron. Again is this a guy your going to spend your sponsor money on and take the risk of him doing something stupid?

    Before Indy Kasey went over 3 years and a 100 races without a win. Maybe that's why sponsors didn't want him either.

    Junior has a history of concussion issues and I thought his reasoning for retiring was he wanted to finish out his contract and his last injury was the main reason he decided to call it quits. I don't recall sponsors being an issue.
  28. Team Penske

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    Juior was in negotiations regarding his contract. That is why there was no tour plans. When it became obvious the money wasn't going to be there is when they announced his retirement.
    As far as your other post goes, I wasn't looking for excuses for other drivers, I made the point that sponsors didn't just walk away from Danica because she was such a poor driver. I believe
    the size of her salary was a major reason. Like I said drivers who couldn't catch her do have sponsors and we know they are so poor they actually drive their own motor home from track to track.
  29. Like most other things in Nascar the HoF will be watered down faster than a 25 cent draft beer.
  30. ChexOrWrex

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    What other driver with her stats get into the HOF?
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    Bingo. She was brought into the Cup series without proving her competitive worth in lower series beforehand. Rarely ever works out.
  32. Stacy

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    NASCAR needs a Hall of Champions that dominates their Hall.

    "Fame" is shallow and too subjective -- it was designed for women and old men to gossip, wax poetically, blather on about the past or human interest stuff.


    Hall of Champions -- big beautiful opulent hall dominating the landscape.

    Hall of Founders -- the foundation of NASCAR big and bold support for the Hall of Champions above it -- how NASCAR was built and who built it.

    Hall of Fame displays -- cute little side exhibits.
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    I wish someone would ask Petty if he'd hire her to drive the #43 if she brings some sponsorship :biggrin:
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    in summary, DP10 will be DP10 no more. My hope is for DP77...she gets a full boat sponsorship (excedrin?) and they cant refuse......
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    That IS funny. Both Richard and Kyle were in my opinion overly harsh discussing her. It's not that they were totally wrong, it's just that I didn't see anything to be gained by being so blunt. (Kyle has little business knocking anyone else's driving anyway). Of course Clint Bowyer called Michael Waltrip the worst driver in history, and then went to work for him, so who knows. One of the things you learn in racing (or any other team sport) is the person you criticize today may be the person you need tomorrow.
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  36. Sam Hornish Jr was a thousand times better than Danica in IndyCar and he shouldn't have went straight to Cup either but he did and he did terrible. He was used as an example way back when Danica first joined to show how hard the transition really is.
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    Suggestions for a sponsor:
    LULU lemon
    Can am spyder
    TISSOT (my fav)
    FORD-the ceo has said she is important to them.
    TLC channel
    WhiteWave Foods "WhiteWave also acquired Earthbound Farms earlier this year. This California-based organic food producer mainly offers fruits, vegetables and salad greens, but also offers herbs and snacks like cookies and granola. Earthbound has about 1.2 percent of the organic market share, giving WhiteWave a combined 5.4 percent of the total market share"

    I refuse to give up hope. REFUSE.
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    I will be honest.....I don't think the postscript to Danica's career will be favorable. She came with one win under her belt in IndyCar. One. She went to a quality team with $ and equipment. She did nothing, but hook up with a driver. Feminists won't embrace her. Who will?
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    There is ZERO chance she ever sits in another race car. She done. Too many other opportunities out there for her.
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    have faith till the end, I shall
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