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Discussion in 'Short Track Racing' started by gnomesayin, Jan 4, 2020.

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    The WoO late models season started tonight at Vado Speedway Park in NM. Brandon Sheppard has been dominant in this series of late, but will probably have more competition this year with a two-car Bloomquist team contesting the series with Chris Madden and Bloomquist as drivers. Madden wins the opener. Good race:

    They are running three nights here this weekend, then resume during Speedweeks in FL on February 12. Full WoOLMS 2020 schedule: https://worldofoutlaws.com/latemodels/schedule/. Live coverage of every event via DIrTVision.com with the $39 monthly Fast Pass.

    The Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series starts on January 30 in Brunswick, GA, then onto East Bay for the Winternationals. Full schedule: https://lucasdirt.com/events/schedule. Live coverage of select (not all) races on LucasOilRacing.TV, which requires the $99 annual subscription to view most of them.
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    Saw a post on Instagram that says Bloomquist could miss time due to hip surgery
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    75 lapper to close out the weekend. What a race, a lot of coming and going and another first time winner. Sheppard doesn't get out in front of a WoO race and get passed straight up very often.

  5. MRM

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    Good race. Too bad the director cut away from the pass for the lead as it was broadcasted live.
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    They are bizarre riding cars, my girlfriend basically said that the first time she saw one race.
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    I noticed the difference watching the Australian races in comparison. Now if they would fix those swiveled ass late models next.
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    Attaching a chain from the frame to the rear axle has been done since at least the 1980s (when suspension setups got to the point of allowing such a hike up of the body over the left rear tire). Originally the chain was used to keep the left rear spring from flying out of the car - some cars would hike up so much that the LR spring got totally unloaded and there was enough suspension travel that the spring was no longer compressed in its perches. Racers also didn't like allowing the shock absorber to act as the hiking limiter since that broke shocks. In the 1990s dirt late models got more into the effects of air on their rear spoilers (by then the huge rear spoilers and side boards had been legislated out) so I'm not surprised that innovators like Bloomquist realized that limiting the hike-up could effect the air onto the limited rear spoilers that they were now allowed.

    During the past few years, though, the fast guys have already been switching to suspension designs that don't hike up over the LR so much. They're trying to keep the LR tire loaded more in order to get more bite coming out of the corners. It can also help make the LF bite better, and save some tire wear so that the tires are better at the end of the race.
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    If you didn't see the highlights of last night's World of Outlaws race at Volusia, you need to check them out.

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    Erb ended up DQ'ed after failing to be inspected after the race. Sheppard wins
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    That was interesting and some great racing last night. Looked to me like Overton used Whitener up and then had the payback coming. Can't believe Erb didn't go to tech. The night that Sheppard wasn't the fastest, and he still ends up the winner.

    Watching tonight's heats now. Cool to see Donny Schatz racing the late model and getting better too.
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  15. kkfan91

    kkfan91 Taking a 10-200

    Jimmy Owens had them covered last night

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