Ducati Valve Adjustment



Anyone know how much a typical valve adjustment on say a 916,996 or 999 typically is? These bikes have much lower maintenance intervals when it comes to valves compared to the Jap bikes. The Desmo valves are interesting but apparently a lot more costly to maintain!

Honda F4 Valve adjustment Recommended at 16,000 miles! Im wondering how many miles you can get out of a Duc before needing this service!
I'm hearing that Ducati valve adjustments typically come at around 6000 miles. That could get rather Expensive if you ride a lot!
When I had my 748, I bought it with 7400 miles, the valves were never touched and when I took it in for service they were just under spec, so I did mine every 7000 or so. Its really pretty straight forward to do, After the first time I learned how to do it and I used my cousins tools he has for his dragster. Not too bad, but I would rather do it every 16k instead heh.
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