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These are some interesting stories from the history of NASCAR that I enjoyed so much I thought I'd share with the rest of you. Some are very famous incidents. I'm hoping they're all true, but someone here might just prove me wrong. One or two of them just about made me spit up my iced tea!

The Monkey

In 1953 a driver named Jim Flock raced with a monkey on board his car. The monkey sat in a safety harness next to him. During one race while he was running second, the monkey got loose and began to run around inside the car. The animal became frightened and forced the driver to make a green flag pitstop to remove the monkey.

Hood Ornament

During one race Lee Petty came in for a regular pitstop. Young Richard Petty worked as a member of the pit crew. His job was to clean the windshield. Richard leaned over the hood to perform his job. The rest of the crew finished the work before Richard was finished and Lee Petty's car left the stall with Richard still on the hood. Richard hung on through a full speed green lap until Lee was black flagged and made a pitstop so Richard could get off.

After Crash Swim

In the first qualifier race race for the 1960 Daytona 500, a crash involving Tommy Irwin sent his car into the large lake known today as Lake Loyd. At that time there was no inside retaining wall. He was able to escape from his sinking car and swim to safety.

Burning Grandstands

During a practice session for the 1959 race at the no longer used Wilson Speedway, the grandstands caught on fire. The fans were moved another set of stands while the main stands burned down. The race went on as scheduled.

Ransom Money

Jabe Thomas was around a hundred laps down at Bristol in the 1970 race when he apparently became bored. He pulled into the race leaders pits. Donnie Allison was the leader at that time. He talked with Donnie's car owner and jokingly asked how much he would pay for him not to spin Donnie out. He went back out and returned to the pits. The car owner waved a sign that read fifty cents. Jabe stopped and collected the money. Donnie Allison ended up winning the race.

Race for the Win

During the final lap of the 1976 Daytona 500, Richard Petty and David Pearson were battling side by side when they made contact with each other. They both spun, hit the wall, and slid into the tri-oval grass. All the other cars were very far behind them. Pearson's car slowly crawled for the finish line while Petty could not refire his engine. Petty's crew came out to push the car causing one of Nascar's most bizzare finishes. Pearson beat Petty to the line and won the Daytona 500.

The Keys

In 1986 at Talladega Superspeedway, a drunk man found the keys to the pace car. Amazed at his luck the man jumped into the pace car and took off joyriding around the 2.66 mile oval. The crowd along with a nationwide television audience watched in amazement as the pacecar zoomed around the track with several police cruisers in pursuit. The man finally pulled over and was arrested.

Keep on Rolling

In 1990 during the last lap of the DieHard 500 at Talladega, Michael Waltrip and Kenny Schrader got together and wrecked on the back straightaway. Jimmy Spencer slid into the wreck and his car became airborne. The car went into a barrel roll until his car landed right side up. He continued on and finished the race.

The Dare

During the 1993 summer Winston Cup race at Pocono, a drunken man took a dare from some friends. They dared him run across the track and touch the outside wall. He jumped over the infield fence and began to run across the track but stopped frozen with fear as cars swerved to avoid him. Luckily he was able to escape unharmed.

Bristol Incident #1

In 1995 during the final lap of the race, Terry Labonte led into the forth turn with Dale Earnhardt in hot pursuit. Earnhardt bumped the rear of Labonte's car sending him spinning past the finish line for the win. Labontes car went in to the wall and Labonte brought one of the most damaged cars ever into victory lane.

Bristol Incident #2

4 years later in 1999 during the same race there would be another incident. Terry Labonte spun bringing out the caution with several laps to go. At the end of the lead lap, Terry stopped for four tires while everyone else stayed out. With only a few laps to go Terry charged through the field and passed leader Dale Earnhardt. With one lap to go Earnhardt tapped Labonte from behind and Labonte crashed into the wall. Dale Earnhardt won the race. Terry labonte was not ammused and threatened to spin Earnhardt during the next race. Earnhardt commented that he did not mean to spin Labonte out but "only rattle his cage."

Gordon vs Stewart

At Watkins Glen during the 2000 race, Jeff Gordon and Tony Stewart traded paint battling for position. Gordon had won the previous 6 road course races and was going for 7. Tony Stewart apparently got into Gordon and Gordon was pushed into the wall causing heavy damage. After the race the two drivers exchanged words. Gordon threatened to send Stewart into the wall.

Amazing Win

During the 2000 Winston 500, Dale Earnhardt made one of his most amazing victories. Trailing the field in 17th position with 5 laps to go Earnhardt began to move. He drafted up through the field to pass Mike Skinner with one lap to go. He was able to hold off Kenny Wallace to win the NO BULL 5 million at Talladega.

After Race Spin

At the 2001 spring Bristol race Tony Stewart and Jeff Gordon battled hard for position. Gordon got on the inside of Stewart and Stewart ended up spinning into the wall. After the race an angry Tony Stewart drove down pit lane and spun Gordon in the pits. The two drivers were summoned by the Nascar officials and Stewart was fined and put on probation.


Good Stories,

BTW the monkeys name was Jocko Flocko


I can add one, although I do not know the exact date.

During the 1970's the Wood Brothers team was transporting the car between races, when they decided to stop at a truck stop for a bite to eat. After refilling their bellies, they returned to the hauler, which unlike today's enclosed rigs, was a simpler affair. A few miles down the road they kept hearing a loud noise, but could never see another car behind them. The noise persisted, so they pulled over to check things out. To their bewilderment, they discovered that a rather inebrated gentleman had crawled inside the race car while they were stopped, and had somehow deduced how to fire the engine. He was sitting happily behind the wheel of the 21 Mercury, revving away...


One more:

Southern Hospitality

In 1968 the NASCAR season opener at Macon, GA, was almost cancelled when a moonshine still, in full operation, was found beneath the stands at Middle Georgia Raceway...


Mebbe a couple more: LOL

Evelyn Woods we need you!!

Buddy Baker gave NASCAR fans a stunning example of why radios are in use these days to talk to the driver. The last race of the 1969 season was held December 7th, and was the first race at the new College Station, Texas track. For Buddy that's a date that will live in infamy. He clearly was the class of the field that day, starting from the pole and dominating most of the event in a Cotton Owens owned Dodge Daytona. The caution flag flew on lap 228 with Baker leading the race. His crew held up a pit board telling Buddy to take it easy and he grinned and gave a thumbs up. While he was busy reading the sign and looking at his pit crew he rear ended James Hylton, destroying the nose piece and radiator of his Dodge, and was eliminated from the race. Cotton was so furious he threw the sign board frisbee style at Baker as he limped into the pits.

Wreck?? What wreck??

Jimmy Spencer has earned the nickname " Mr. Excitement" but rarely has he ever been as exciting to watch as on the last lap of the DieHard 500 in 1990. As a pack of cars roared down the back straight, Michael Waltrip, who had been gambling on fuel mileage, lost his bet and slowed suddenly. Kenny Schrader slammed into the rear of the Waltrip car and then Spencer came roaring into the mess. His car got sideways and rolled down the back straight before finally settling down on all four wheels. Mr. Excitement calmly re-fired the car and completed the lap finishing 26th that day.


those are some neat stories most i have never heard thanks :)


WoW! Those are unbelivable...but are they all really true? Thx for em.


They are all true, I've heard most before. Lots of good stories out there, thanks for re-posting them for everyone.
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