Full race replays or extended highlights?

Discussion in 'NASCAR chat' started by Joe Hartshorn, Oct 12, 2017.

  1. Joe Hartshorn

    Joe Hartshorn Tire changer

    Ever since starting to follow your great sport 2.5yrs ago, I've been using a website to catch all races in full HD a day or so afterwards. This website has clearly been blocked or scrapped now :(

    Does anyone know a way of being able to catch up on the previous race within a day or so without massive spoilers showing a shot of Truex celebrating on top of his car!

    In the NFL, I simply google: Cowboys Packers Week 5 highlights and hey presto a ~8min video appears with highlights - these are available very soon after the game too :) There is no spoiler either.

    Just can't seem to find the same with NASCAR which is really spoiling the end of this season for me as I simply see a video of Truex (normally!) completing the final lap - very dull.

    Any help would be appreciated.

  2. sdj

    sdj Just a race fan

    If possible, for you, get a DVR, problem solved. I am guessing this does not fit your situation though.
  3. Joe Hartshorn

    Joe Hartshorn Tire changer

    Thanks but I'm not in the us so can't access nbcsn or fox sports us :(
  4. sdj

    sdj Just a race fan

    What part of the world you in, curious minds want to know. :D
  5. Joe Hartshorn

    Joe Hartshorn Tire changer

  6. StandOnIt

    StandOnIt Farm Truck

    All I know about are live streaming feeds and Nascar posts races on YouTube but they are weeks behind
  7. Joe Hartshorn

    Joe Hartshorn Tire changer

    Yeah I'm just amazed for such a big sport or even just a sport that has an organisation and website that they don't cater more for international fans or even that there aren't more fans uploading race highlights etc. It would be a real shame to find out the next few race results in simply the results section of their website
  8. aunty dive

    aunty dive Team Owner

    NASCAR and its broadcast partners are way behind the curve on the technology side.

    You'd think someone would have realized the potential for additional advertising revenue if nothing else.
  9. 2 Sweet

    2 Sweet Legend

    There is probably (maybe?) some kind of streaming option available. I have an "unlocked" Fire Stick with a program called Kodi, along with various add-on apps to watch movies or live sports or whatever. I've watched a lot of stuff on Sky TV (New Zealand sports network).

    There's other options too. I don't know what is available to you in England, but here we have subscription based apps like Vue and Sling that stream live TV as well.
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  10. donthaveanickname

    donthaveanickname Team Owner

    If that helps you: Premier Sports shows a full race replay monday afternoons after each race.

    And on the NASCAR Youtube channel they have a 15-minute highlight show called "race rewind" mondays after each race.
    I don't know when they started that, but I quite like it.
  11. Nascar is so far behind in so many areas that Brian France can't have a Digital Rectal Exam as he is still analogue.
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  12. Joe Hartshorn

    Joe Hartshorn Tire changer

    Great thanks
  13. Joe Hartshorn

    Joe Hartshorn Tire changer

    Thanks but not really after live viewing but something simpler - viewing after the event. Cheers :)
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  14. jaqua19

    jaqua19 Team Owner

    Youtube. Find the title of the race.

    Legitimately every race from 2002 onward is on there. I've checked
  15. ChexOrWrex

    ChexOrWrex Ya gotta wanna

    How NASCAR's internet media teams can be so far behind on race replays is beyond me.
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  16. FLRacingFan

    FLRacingFan Team Owner

    They want you to watch it on DVR or NBC Sports Live Extra first.
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