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Joey Logano - 2018 Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series Champion!

Discussion in 'NASCAR chat' started by SlicedBread22, Nov 18, 2018.

  1. SlicedBread22

    SlicedBread22 #TeamJL

    I told you so!
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  2. Blaze

    Blaze Midnight Rider

    Was my 3rd choice of who I wanted, least it wasn't Kyle. Congrats.
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  3. kkfan91

    kkfan91 Taking a 10-200

    Way to go Joey and his fans that was a great run.
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  4. Fordracing7

    Fordracing7 2018 Pick em Champion

    Woooooohoooooo finally!!!! Congrats Joey Logano, Team Penske and Ford!!!!!!!
  5. lisa

    lisa Kurt Busch fan

  6. Simple Fan

    Simple Fan First or Last

    Probably the least deserving champion since they've went to this format but he earned it. Really wish Truex would have taken him out like he said he would.
  7. FearThe4

    FearThe4 Team Owner

    only won cause of his teamate wrecking someone bringing out the last yellow to give him the chance to win.
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  8. Blaze

    Blaze Midnight Rider

    LOL....least deserving. Okay pal.
  9. Fordracing7

    Fordracing7 2018 Pick em Champion

    Atleast you're consistent with the comments!!! Whooped the 18s ass today!!! Soak it in bud!!! :)
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  10. kkfan91

    kkfan91 Taking a 10-200

    Says a Kyle Busch fan
  11. Nah Kyle and Jimmie were least deserving then Joey. Joey has been good all year, just doesn’t have he wins like Harv and Kyle
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  12. ToyYoda

    ToyYoda Team Owner

    He had the weakest overall season of the four going for the title today, but he did what he had to do when he had to do it.

    Congrats to the 22 bunch.
  13. jws926

    jws926 I need to think of something new for here

    Congrats all around to Joey , the team, Roger and all the fans, Joey was the underdog and went out and got it, while he wasnt the best team all year by far, he earned it tonight.
  14. scotly50

    scotly50 Spectator

    No one will ever convince me Kesolowski did not cause that caution on purpose.
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  15. be9ak7ts16

    be9ak7ts16 Johali Lives

    Way to go Joey, Penske with another notch.
  16. DewChaser988

    DewChaser988 NASCAR fan since 1998

    I'll say it right now, an elimination style, winner take all playoff system, should have **NO PLACE** in **ANY** form of motorsports, with the exception of drag racing
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  17. Greg

    Greg 2014 RF YAHOO CHAMP Your leader

    As long as Kyle didn't win the the thing I am good.
    Joey pretty well got threw under the bus by JGR, and bullied by Hamlin.
    Joey dug in, grew up got better and stronger.
    Hopefully Hamlin and all of JGR is pained by the realization.
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  18. 28car

    28car Team Owner

    He ran 245 more laps than I predicted but still won
  19. Racer1930

    Racer1930 Team Owner

    It has happened in the NFL and MLB - a wildcard team gets hot at the right time and wins the super bowl/world series.
  20. DewChaser988

    DewChaser988 NASCAR fan since 1998

    Except, comparing baseball and football to stock car racing is an apples to oranges comparison
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  21. racer8

    racer8 Team Owner

    Congrats to the 22 team
  22. Racer1930

    Racer1930 Team Owner

    Personally, I like them both :D...I'm not a persimmon man though.
  23. LARRY

    LARRY Stages! Stages! We don't need no stinking stages!!

    it was a gibs. Car that wrecked.
  24. Johnny G

    Johnny G Team Owner

    Congrats to any 22 fans on the forum.
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  25. Joker

    Joker #1 Harvick Fan

    Get yourself a nice race jacket with the champs patch, I love mine.
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  26. 10-4

    10-4 Crew Chief

    Why? I think it's awesome. The best cars always make it to the end. Winner takes all makes these guys push it to win every race all year long.
  27. DewChaser988

    DewChaser988 NASCAR fan since 1998

    You know, ever since NASCAR introduced this format back in 2014, there has been a 60% decline in attendance and ratings, coincidence? I think not.
  28. Blaze

    Blaze Midnight Rider

    See with that, you don’t get a chance to play all the teams every single week. You need playoffs. Racing you don’t need them.
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  29. SeventyGTX

    SeventyGTX Team Owner

    I'm glad he won, always happy for 1st time Cup winners. It's no easy feat.
  30. StandOnIt

    StandOnIt Farm Truck

    Lights out Logano! :pbjtime::pbjtime: Either he or Harvick was fine by me. Flat drove by Tru axe. Tru axe didn't want nothing to do with Logano
  31. 10-4

    10-4 Crew Chief

    I actually started attending more races since they started this format in 2014. I saw huge crowds at every one I went to. If you dont like the sport change the channel. Nascar will go on without you.
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  32. TexasRaceLady

    TexasRaceLady Plank Owner Contributor

    Please, let's not rain on the championship thread.
    There are threads that talk about nothing but the decline in TV, attendance, etc.
  33. 10-4

    10-4 Crew Chief

    For sure sorry about that. I'm glad a Ford won and I picked Logano. I knew he'd end up a champ and he'll probably do it several more times. He drives aggressive and doesn't apologize for it. I like it. I wish Kurt Busch could have won it all but it just wasnt meant to be. Congratulations to the 22 team great job.
  34. DUN24

    DUN24 Skeptical of the Spectacle

    Alright I'm about to say some nice sh!t.

    I remember you started posting right before JoLo broke out with Penske. In a sea of doubters used to seeing him struggle in the 20, you were like 'Nope, eat a dick, Joey is about to kill it.' It was obnoxious but dammit you never back pedaled and as it turns out you were right.

    Congratulations to Joey but also congratulations to you. It's pretty fuggin' rad.
  35. Nitro Dude

    Nitro Dude Hauler Driver and Cylinder Head Maintenance

    You did, but Revman and Kyle18fan said KB was going to win so who were we suppose to believe?...Plus, how could KB not win from the #1 pit space?:) All jokes aside congrats on a well deserved win.:cheers:
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  36. kyle18fan

    kyle18fan Proud member of Rowdy Nation Contributor

  37. Still don't like him or his dad but he ran a good race.
  38. StandOnIt

    StandOnIt Farm Truck

  39. Towmater

    Towmater Ratings Craterville

    Congrats to the 22 team. Thank you for winning and keeping the 4 Team from a championship.
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  40. SlicedBread22

    SlicedBread22 #TeamJL

    Can't argue that lol I know I was obnoxious lol its beena long road that's for sure. Thanks man!
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