Johali's Rate the Cup race --- Daytona

8 and to mimic others would've been a top race save for the finish under yellow. Still really good for a plate race. Hope the Xfinity guys can replicate but I'm not holding my breath
After running the plus' and minus' through the entertainment equation,
it came to a :

The first 195 laps were the best Daytona 500 we’ve had in years but that ending just leaves a sour taste in my mouth. 8

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5. 480 of 500 miles were riding around at 35-40% throttle saving gas. The other 20 were a cluster**** that comes with this package almost every time, but the ones who caused the damage were rewarded this time. No use complaining any more, this style of SS racing is obviously here to stay.
7, not bad, when they were talking about the Fords and Toyotas being up front and no Chevy's I thought just wait and sure enough, Chevy's one two and Hendricks gets another one...LOL
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10. Every race is awesome. Event he ones when Cutie Pie and Free Willy wreck half of the field, and then go on to win.
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