Johali's Rate the Cup race --- Homestead

This is prolly gonna piss @Daytripper off.
This is a 10 race.
Toyota driver beat Byron’s butt. Byron isn’t even the top guy at HMS.
I enjoyed this one.
Go C Bell.
9.9 Excellent race comers and goers, human error, attrition all of the elements.
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9.....Congrts to the 20 team, another track that widens out, love it!
700 gadzillion. Awesome. You aren't supposed to be able to adjust on race cars the way CBell and Adam did today. They did. Hello Phoenix. LFG!
9 - Lots of different plays taking place on track, 2,3,4 wide at times. Would have been a 10 if Melon Man had not been taken out.

10 - For Hamlin going DNF behind the wall, that made my day. Hope he has the same experience at Martinsville.
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