Johali's Rate the Cup race --- Texas


Just a few too many cautions. But it kept it exciting as you had several different contenders at different points of the race.
7.5. streamed it on my phone the whole time with the Masters being on but what I watched of it was fairly enjoyable for Texas standards
10, even before my guy won that was a good Texas race
8. My only complaint was the wrecking after Dennis binned it. :cool: This track sucks out loud, but dang it they put on good races this weekend.
8. NASCAR, you gotta do single file restarts or something here. Too many attempts to finish

Double file keeps it “exciting,” but one more caution could have ruined several guys races. Just can’t plan for or expect a race to go that many laps past the planned distance. So…I kind of agree.
Lmao - if Byron deserves a beating for that, then what exactly does Chastain deserve for his numerous "ran out of talent again" incidents?

Ross has been paid back many times and of late is running hard, well and clean. The others run into and or wreck people and oh, its hard racing or no comments at all. All one sided
Bull ****.gif
7, great racing but too many cautions. Definitely the best Texas race in a while.
Oh, so that is a Brit trying to say bro. Some do speak like they have speech impediments.
Their language is older than ours lmao. We changed a lot of things here tbh. The full word is bruvver. It sounds weird to us because it’s not what we’re use to, but to them brother would sound weird.
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