Kai Günther and Sebastian Walker

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    Went to the "Rallye Sachsen" with a friend this evening and attended the second special stage.
    After the stage, the track announcer said there had been a fatal accident on the first special stage and the Rally had been stopped.

    Kai Günther, 48, of Grünhainichen, Saxony hit a tree with the driver's side of his Renault Clio. Günther was killed instantly in the crash and his co-driver Sebastian Walker has been hospitalized.

    I'm about to break down right now. We all know it can happen, but when it happens at an Event you attend, it makes you sick.

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    That's so sad. I know what you mean though I was at Pocono for IndyCar last year and that place had the worst feeling over it when we all thought Robert Wickens was killed
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    Rest in peace to both racers. We all know the dangers but we never get to numb or indifferent when one is lost (at least we shouldn't). I think it is safe to say most all of us feel a connection (and a loss) with the drivers for sharing and living the racing dream that we had or have.

    @donthaveanickname it probably doesn't feel like it now but your empathy is a good thing. The drivers deserve our greatest respect.
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    RIP. Very sad. Sorry it had to hit so close to home.

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