Kids pushing the envelope

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    Two brothers, age 7 and 5, were talking. The older one said, "let's use cuss words when we go for breakfast. I'll use one and you use one." The younger lad agreed.
    So the went down for breakfast the next morning and the mother turned to the older lad and asked, "What do you want for breakfast? Eggs? Or Cheerios?"
    The older boy said, " Aw hell Mom, I'll have Cheerios."
    Next thing he knew he got cuffed alongside the head and yanked to his feet. His mother told him to go to his room and as he walked up the stairs she had removed her slipper and was swatting him with each step he took. She directed him to his bedroom, saying "you stay there until I tell you you can come out" then slammed the door.
    She went back to the kitchen and said to the younger lad, "Now sonny, what would you like for breakfast?"
    The boy looked up and said, "Well, you can bet your ass I don't want Cheerios."
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