Kurt Busch is a dangerous race driver?

Discussion in 'NASCAR chat' started by HardScrabble, Jul 10, 2002.

  1. HardScrabble

    HardScrabble Guest

    From the American Race Fan website, an editorial comment by the site's editor. This is not a site I visit regularly so I have no clue as to who Mr. Judd is or his background.

    I do know that I disagree with this assessment in the strongest of terms. I do not know what an Oozie is, I know what an Uzi is. His comment that his sites editorials concerning Kurt have produced reactions from NASCAR leads me to question his grip on reality.

    Editorial Comment -- The top CEO's across the country are doing it, famous people like "Mr. Baywatch" do it. Now it's Kurt Busch's turn. His outburst Saturday night is just another example of airing out your own foot with an Oozie. Some people were caught by surprise by Busch's tirade but as effective ARF editorials about the Roush driver have produced a reaction from NASCAR in the past, we would say this is one more time to be listening.

    At this stage of his career it appears Kurt Busch is a dangerous, out-of-control race driver. It's time to park Mr. Busch and have him spend a Sunday afternoon on the couch. -- C. Bob Judd, Editor ARF
  2. TN-Ward-Fan

    TN-Ward-Fan Guest

    Here we have a perfect example of the concept of the Bully Pulpit. Judd can sit cozily behind his desk and fire away at Kurt, with the assurance that he personally will suffer no consequences. I, being the eternal skeptic, truly wonder about anyone with the cajones to call himself an editor of anything and yet be incapable of correctly spelling the word uzi. Credibility issues? You bet. I never heard of this site or publication or whatever the flock it is, but I can say with confidence that I won't be reading it in the future. Thanks HS. By the way, you must be some sort of undercover journalist. I always enjoy the stuff you dig up and shine a light on, keep it up Geraldo lol.
  3. paul

    paul Team Owner

    I think someone has a personal problem with Busch.
  4. pbunch

    pbunch Guest

    Yep.:bs: It is:)
  5. 66mustang

    66mustang Guest

    Harvick got kicked out of a race and Busch gets put 4 laps down. Whats fair about that? Yea Harvick did spin someone out but he didn't say he was going to run over the official like Busch did.
  6. What site is this from? I want to make sure I dont accidently visit it. He sounds like an IDIOT!!!!!
  7. pbunch

    pbunch Guest

    The differance is Harvick did it in front of the view of everyone,Both these guys are just what Nascar can expect in the new rookies to come,It's nothing new if you look at the history of Nascar.It just gets more TV time,and attention.Nascar fans love the hype this builds in to the sport,and Nascar themselfs love the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ out of it. :)
  8. kat2220

    kat2220 Super Moderator Staff Member

    I agree wholeheartedly with pbunch.:bs:

    Nothing physical happened, and sticks and stones (and racecars) can break your bones, but names will never hurt ya. (even if it was #%[email protected][email protected]#$%^&*&*)
  9. 66mustang

    66mustang Guest

    I think Harvick and Busch were both wrong but I don't understand why the punishments were different. I don't really care if it was just talk, Harvick talked then followed up on what he said. Why would Busch not try to get NASCAR back.
  10. pbunch

    pbunch Guest

    66 He may,but I gotta believe that Jack,like Richard is still removing his foot from Kurts rear end.These owners have a lot invested to let there pit bulls bite too hard.As for Nascar being fair,That's a whole new tune now days.I believe Nascar is dealing with a multitude of rebels,vs's 1 or 2 like they use too.But the sport is much bigger.Bigger is better sometimes,but along with that bigger problems occur.:)
  11. kat2220

    kat2220 Super Moderator Staff Member

    a good:argue: is one thing, actually doing something stupid is another. I love Kevin, but believe he went way too far and was punished appropriately, growing up a little in the process.

    Now someone has washed out Kurt's mouth out with soap and maybe he'll mature a little too.
  12. pbunch

    pbunch Guest

    Ya KAT,If these guys weren't true blue talented race car drivers,They would most likely be talking about racing on some forum somewhere.:p
  13. trish

    trish Guest

    Kurt Busch is a danger to knowone. He just got a little hot.:FIREdevil Well, maybe more than a little. :eek:
  14. pbunch

    pbunch Guest

    Welcome Trish,Where did you come from?Welcome to this forum.199 to go,and you will be a member.Welcome to you.:)
  15. kat2220

    kat2220 Super Moderator Staff Member

    Welcome to the BEST forum available Trish.As pbunch said, where did you come from?? We enjoy a good:argue: but real nasty bashing won't be allowed by the owner or mods.

    Who's your fave driver?, where ya from, etc.

    Enquiring minds want to know so we can share:D

  16. trish

    trish Guest

    Hi all! I usually post at the racing one message board, but I've been looking around for something a little more tame. Don't get me wrong, I like it there alot, we just get a little feisty sometimes. :) I just managed to get my avatar up. I am a Jeff Gordon fan. :D Hi HardScrabble!:)
  17. HardScrabble

    HardScrabble Guest

    Hya Trish,

    Glad to see ya in print. Nobody here minds a little feisty!:)

    This place has some diifferent features from Racing One plus if ya want to gab about life in general or whatever, they got just the place for it in the Chrome Horn.

    When it comes to racing ya got most of the series covered and some downright knowledgeable folks around here that know how to debate and ya can argue with about the issues all ya want.

    Apparently they also have a special dungeon for trolls, don't go there!!:D
  18. Hey trish it's POD just under a different name (check my a.k.a.) this board is really good, you don't have to worry about trolls and idiotic remarks here the mods actually do there job on here.
  19. He ain't dangerous he is just a young driver they are all like that let him smack that wall one hard time or go airbourne and see if he will drive like he does. He needs to get some sense knocked in to him and hell we know Robbie Gordon will.
    Ya'll don't get me wrong I don't want him to get hurt but thats all that will take to happen.
  20. trish

    trish Guest

    Thanks HardScrabble!:) I may just go visit the troll dungeon...just to see what it's like on the other side.:soldier:
  21. trish

    trish Guest

    Hi Prince!!!:waver: I wonder who else is sneaking over here.:anon:
  22. 36 fan is over here every once in a while too trish.

    Kurt is young and he just let his emotions get the best of him, the cat in the hat will get him calmed down and he will be Ok, he's aggresive like most of the young drivers.
  23. trish

    trish Guest

    That's cool. I love all the html stuff here. But it's hard to tell when a new post comes up. It will take some time for me to get used to this. This is a really cool board. Great smilies.:)
  24. racer8

    racer8 Team Owner

    Although I really don't like busch, I respect that he has enough talent to make it to that level of racing. and with that is a competitive spirt that is most likley to show emotions from time to time. he's no dangerous nutcase just a racer.:beerchug:
  25. Awesome_Bill

    Awesome_Bill Guest

    Busch is just making rookie mistakes.

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