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Discussion in 'NASCAR chat' started by NJJammer, Sep 17, 2017.

  1. Simple Fan

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    It's not trolling at all. Gordon probably could have run a lot of Xfinity races had he wanted, having ownership in HMS and all.
  2. Turtle84

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    Yep, he wasn't nearly as marketable as KB is imo, NASCAR is on that train for the next some odd years. From what I remember a lot of people hated watching JJ win and hated his dull personality, they couldn't stand him winning that many in a row.

    Some even claimed they stopped watching because of it. They wrapped him in with the Chase and the Wing. Once he got to 5time though, they had hard time denying it.
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  3. Kiante

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    He didn't because he focused on Cup races and Cup races only.

    To be completely honest, Kyle and I think Denny as well, they both have been instrumental in Toyota's growth. The more I thought about it, maybe Toyota wanted to get Kyle out there more to help build the programs. Kyle can win a race by 4+ seconds and can still find ways to improve the handling of cars. There is a reason Toyota backs KBM in the truck series, just think of all the data compiled in the the earlier years to help development.
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  4. mack

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    "Ignorance" is what a person doesn't know. I'd know Kyle running the lower, less funded series is not remotely impressive. I'm sure his fanboys thrill at the thought of him winning against inferior competition. And they're all very defensive of him. The truth usually brings out defensive reactions. If my argument for Dale Sr being one of the all time greats was " boy, he sure whooped up on the BGN Series Saturday", that would be pretty lame. You keep fantasizing about the GOAT label. Revisionist history may change the standards, but deep down you'll know he never surpassed Petty in the Cup win department. And that's where it counts.
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  5. Simple Fan

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    I've never referred to Kyle as the "GOAT" nor have I seen many of his other fans do the same. It's mostly people that, like you said get defensive after someone mentions an accomplishment of Kyle Busch's. Pretty sure Kyle will get more than 60 Cup wins though.
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  6. mack

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    And you may well be correct on his win total in the Cup series. He's still young, he may not have peaked yet as a driver. He's a great driver, no one can deny that. Time will tell where he stacks up in the discussion of best ever, top 5 or whatever. Barring anything unforseen, he has a lot of laps still to go.
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  7. Revman

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    Wonder what the ratio of hate posts to appreciation posts is here? Be some good data for an appreciation thread I would think.
  8. Clutch

    Clutch Team Owner

    Yes, it's quite remarkable. I'm thinking some of the direspect is misdirected toward Kyle and his fans. I think it is the media who keeps trumpeting win numbers over all 3 series. I NEVER hear ANY 18 fan talk about Xfinity wins like the media push....EVER. The haters like to use those Xfinity numbers tho even if Kyle is gaining knowledge for Sunday and is eligible to race.
  9. Johali

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    Okay ya'll listen up. I'll try this one more time and speak a little louder so that you can hear me. I've been around him a lot over the years and like most people that have I think that he's a narcissistic self serving as$hole with a good PR firm that tries to make him likable through the use of social media. But It's all smoke and mirrors. He's a good race car driver no doubt but in my opinion his ability to connect with others is nonexistent. So there. :p

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    So he should not be limited? OK, lets go with that, but I would add his performance should not matter either. My first thought was to ask you if it is OK for a player to come back to college to play a game or two of football after turning pro. But the pro part turned me off. So how about this? We see major league baseball players back down in the minors all the time...and you know what, no one is including their stats from the minor league at the major league level. If the player hit 45 home runs in the minors, he does not get to add 45 home runs to his major league total. I think that is one of the beefs people have with counting Kyle's minor league wins.
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  11. Revman

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    Is "Disliker" easier on your ears? The haters are more sensitive about their hate than Rowdy Nation is. Weirdest damn thing I have ever seen.
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  12. mack

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    The "rowdy nation" types wear their feelings on their sleeves. They cannot hear any criticism of their hero. They think it's a thrilling thing to watch Kyle run the lower series. I guess more burn out and bow is as exciting as the last. It's actually funny to think the lower series wins should be that impressive. They're not to fans that remember Dale Sr, Allison, Pearson and Petty in their prime driving years. Throw in DW and Cale also. Those guys had more class than to beat up on minor league players. That's why they are respected and rightfully so for their place in the sport. I respect Kyle's early career in all the series, and his Cup career. When a driver is as established as he is at the top level, it's not an accomplishment to win in the lower series, whether it Kyle, Kevin or whoever. And just so you'll know, my comments do not constitute "hate" or even "dislike". I would have the same view of any driver doing what he's doing.
  13. Johali

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    You know that I can't say what I wanna. :mad::p
  14. kyle18fan

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    Yet Kyle connects with his fans and treats them like gold ! I have experienced this on two occasions
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  15. Simple Fan

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    That M&Ms chocolate bar is damn good.
  16. mack

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    Peanut M&Ms are better
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  17. Matthew2470

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    I remember Kenny Wallace saying that if Kyle were better looking he'd be a very popular driver.
  18. Simple Fan

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    They have a peanut one as well.
  19. kyle18fan

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    Except for the fact that he IS a very popular driver. Folks were knocking each other down to hear him talk at PIR. Kyle has a very loyal fan base
  20. mack

    mack Team Owner

    Yep, Kenny is GQ material himself.
  21. jaqua19

    jaqua19 Team Owner

    To his point, that is more or less a dominant feature of narcissistic personality disorder and supports his case more than hurts it ..if we are going to be analytical here.

    My professional psychological opinion here, a narcissist has inflated sense of self worth which is reaction formed from insecurity as the individual likely had a maladaptive way of growing within a psychosocial context, as far as external influences.

    Yet, the narcissist is kind, loving and VERY loyal to those who validate his/her self worth and dismissive of those who don't. Also, he/she is admiring, kind towards, and validating of those who have successfully confronted the vulnerable side of the narcissist, and to those who are relativelt superior a similar field, or a field respected. Individual is also very sensitive.

    Kyle gets in line/speaks differently when talking about Tony Stewart and Jimmie.

    Kyle by no means has a personality disorder or any apparent mental health issues, and I so think that some of it is an act.

    He does exhibit some very evident clinical narcissistic behaviors though. Whether his fans want to acknowledge it or not is on them, objectively, it's there and maybe a bit "abnormal"

    That said, you need a bit of narcissism to succeed. In Kyle's case, it seems to be a dominant feature of his personality, but doesn't appear to be problematic to the point where a diagnosis would be the result of any sort of clinical assessment, should he recieve one. This is more a psychodynamic take than a diagnostic one.

    Kyle is fine.

    Again, just the 2 cents of a counselor.

    Kyle is still a fantastic race car driver and IMO the most entertaining driver in the sport.

    Lebron James of NASCAR.

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  22. kyle18fan

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    I read the " Kyle is fine" part ........... I already knew that.
  23. jaqua19

    jaqua19 Team Owner

    Ah. You aren't interested in what I have to say, with the exception of the part you agree with, I gather because it can be interpreted as a slight against Kyle. Which is fine and understandable, it is not your obligation to acknowledge it. I hear you.

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  24. kyle18fan

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    I am only kidding, you put a lot of effort into that post and I felt obligated to read it . That is no sign that I won't mess with you a bit though :salute:
  25. CaptainHiTop

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    I've never thought of myself as a narcissist, but you describe me to a 'T'. Without the money and fame of course.
  26. kyle18fan

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    Next he will be asking for payment :D
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  27. Johali

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    Definition. The hallmarks of Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) are grandiosity, a lack of empathy for other people, and a need for admiration. People with this condition are frequently described as arrogant, self-centered, manipulative, and demanding.

    Narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) involves a pattern of self-centered, arrogant thinking and behavior, a lack of empathy and consideration for other people, and an excessive need for admiration. Others often describe people with NPD as cocky, manipulative, selfish, patronizing, and demanding.
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  28. DIDIT

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    Holy crap, you just described more than half of our family!
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  29. jaqua19

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    I appreciate it. Haha.

    It's less about Kyle and moreso about psychology/ counseling. I'm getting my masters in mental health counseling and just started a job in case management, so it's a strong passion of mine. I love to use my professional voice whenever I can lol

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  30. jaqua19

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    I don't accept this, but I'll engage just this once.
    Because your Google search does not highlight what I say. Alright. Your discrediting my professional and educational insight/opinion that I've passionately worked hard for due to a quick Google search, I don't find that cool and I'm not going to take that seriously.

    However, I have a DSM-5, which essentially is where your source gets it's info from; I'm well aware of the DSM-5's diagnosis of NPD, and the dominant features of it (which is what is highlighted in your kind post)

    I'm just pointing out particular behaviors and traits that are common in narcissists, based on observation, and discussion/supervision with licensed clinicians. People with personality disorders, especially cluster B ones like Borderline have a multitude of similar behaviors and traits/qualities that aren't diagnosable criteria, and aren't listed in the "dominant features" section of the diagnosis in the DSM-5. It's not as if having 5 of the necessary 9 symptoms and the general dominant features are the ONLY common behaviors a personality disorder exhibits.

    And again, Kyle is fine. I don't think he has any mental health issues.

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  31. Johali

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    All of that is an opinion just like mine and many other peoples.
  32. jaqua19

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    Right on

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  33. kyle18fan

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    You seem very professional, just don't analyze any women folks :D
  34. jaqua19

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    I know better than that lol

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  35. kyle18fan

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    Then you will do well
  36. ChexOrWrex

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    Does Kyle circle the track with a 43 flag when he gets win 200?
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  38. DaBiff1618

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    Idk if Kyle will have a 43 flag (would be cool imo) but he will for sure have a 200 wins flag whenever it happens
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