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    While "The Package" (take a drink) has not produced the best racing, imo, it has been interesting to see the less hp and high downforce have an effect on lap times. Example was this past weekend at Bristol, where a new track record was set.

    I am really looking forward to Dover, where I think cars will be close to wide-open, and I'd expect record lap times. It seems like these momentum track (like Bristol and Dover) will see decreased lap times with less off-throttle time and higher corner speeds.

    Now on the other end of the spectrum there's Loudon, where HP is needed to rebound for the long straights connected by flat corners. There I'd expect lap times to be substantially slower than '18.

    And Pocono is a total outlier. Will the higher downforce be enough to keep cars wide-open in the turns? Could we expect mad drafting scrambles down the long straights, followed by cars fanning out in the turns for clean air?

    Just curious on what people's thoughts are on the above tracks and others on the circuit...
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  2. StandOnIt

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    post is a bit confusing. Bristol was high HP and high D/F and it produced what would be expected, faster speeds and a lap record. This week's Richmond will have the same setup. I don't think there will be decreased lap times or less off throttle. At tracks 1.1 mile or less, 14 events, the same open package will be used. Dover is one of those also at a mile. That should produce higher speeds and probably could set a lap record in comparison. Loudon is less than 1.1 miles and it is the open package also. Can't see where the same HP and more D/F is going to be substantially slower at Loudon or any of the tracks less than 1.1 miles.
  3. gnomesayin

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    I mostly agree with @StandOnIt's clarifications, except that there will be less off throttle time. That's why they were faster at Bristol, able to stay in the gas more through the corners. No version of this year's package is faster in a straight line.

    As he said, all of the tracks 1.1 mile and under are running the same size tapered spacer with the same target HP as last year. The difference is a lot more downforce on the front via the larger splitter, radiator pan, etc. and rear via the spoiler. The faster corner and thus overall speeds seem to be amplified on higher banked tracks. Lap speeds were notably faster at Bristol than 2018, not so much at Martinsville. Richmond will be somewhere in between. But given the higher corner speeds, I don't believe they will be slower at any of the tracks where they still have 750 HP. While increased drag would slow acceleration some, I would think it'll be at least at a wash. We'll see.
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    In short, The Blade.
  5. StandOnIt

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    hmmm a post like this used to fill pages of how terrible the racing was going to be and Gnome, I said "I don't think there will be decreased lap times or less off throttle". I believe that means less off throttle time. It did to me when I posted it. Frankly I have run out of crow feathers and I have eaten a couple plates myself. Being mostly an optometrist, last year the low D/F package racing was better the longer the season continued and I'm guessing/hoping the same thing happens this year as the teams learn the setups they need.
    I think Pocono is going to be one of the better Pocono's in recent history, restarts are going to be wild before they get strung out. I hope they can draft up and slingshot/block on the long straights. I believe they can and when they go side by side the third or fourth car if close enough will get in the fight for the lead.
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    P.S. ... and click bait KDB will find something pre race to cry and whine about to whoever will pay attention, but will be a front runner and a favorite to win at Pocono
  7. gnomesayin

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    My post was about the subject of the thread ,lap times at the shorter tracks. I was up front that last week's race at Bristol was very good and better than I expected. First such race of the year. The package for 1.1 miles and less is the least offensive version of the 2019 rules. I'd still prefer less downforce everywhere.

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  8. FLRacingFan

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    Track record should be out of reach but they'll be quicker at Richmond. Daytona and Talladega are complete unknowns at this point. Track record at Dover could be within reach. Road courses will be substantially quicker - probably a track record at the ROVALâ„¢ :D. At Pocono and Indy I think the straights will just be too much to produce faster lap times, especially as flatter tracks where they'll probably still have to get off of the throttle for a little while. New Hampshire should certainly be slower as well.
  9. gnomesayin

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    OK, this will be interesting to watch. I didn't think so. Are they going to be that much slower on the straights due to drag? They'll still be making time up in the corners.
  10. FLRacingFan

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    Oops, I thought they were running 550 HP. I imagine they'll actually be quicker then, with the same HP level and more downforce.
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  11. gnomesayin

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    Keep the dream alive of recreating the 2000 Jeff Burton race.
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  12. Larsonfan1995

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    The best race I've ever watched.
    Sincerely, a Jeff Burton fan
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