Larson very bad accident he’s ok

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    clarkfn2284 Here to make you miserable.

    I can't even with this........
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    clarkfn2284 Here to make you miserable.

    I think he knows where the criticism comes from. It doesn't mean it is correct. He never pinned himself with the "real racer" moniker that you seem to be oddly infatuated with. It is absolutely a romantic ideal. One that has been thrust upon him from people who have been yearning for more of what they see weekly at their local tracks. People are in love with nostalgia and for whatever reason seem Larson as a bit of a throwback. I don't get that.

    He is a racer, like them all. None of these guys/girls wake up at 25 and decide they want to give it a shot. There has to be some sort of a passion there to make the decision to do it. The reality with Larson is that he doesn't care what anyone thinks about his desire to race other disciplines. He hears the criticism and I'm sure doesn't like it. Who does? But as he stated, if he is having fun and enjoys it why does it matter? Why is it so important to people like you that he choose? Why the crusade to diminish the fact that the guy is extremely talented and is realizing and achieving his dream? I just don't get why it matters. It's not our money, our life, our career, our dream, our sport, our cars, our just feels like an unhealthy incessant need to dictate others lives because maybe we are struggling controlling our own?
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    clarkfn2284 Here to make you miserable.

    I mean the stands were sold out in Bako when KB, Hemric and Jones came for the Winter Showdown.....people were buying the hell out of the KB meet and greet packs which were grossly overpriced. The stands were sold out when the WOO came into Placerville with Larson and Kahne running and the stands were again sold out in Placerville and in fact, expanded when Bell, Larson and Stenhouse came in with USAC for a Tuesday and Wednesday night race.....there was quite a bit of fanfare for those guys. I think it is safe to assume fans want to see the best in the world at every level
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    Very true. Very true. This one seems different though. I just have a hard time seeing Toyota let Bell go. Though, it's really his decision

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    I see. I do actually recall licensing that as well. Cup series racing is his full-time job. He's still a racer, just like every other Pro

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    Wow. Is Chase Elliott reading this thread?

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    Another thing about my "fit" comment. This is one of those multi car heavily Toyota factory sponsored midget teams. Bell has left them to drive for Tucker/Boat and here is a direct quote for why he left.

    “Just, for me, I’ve been there, done that and won so many races for Pete and Keith that i just feel like I was set up for failure, going to the race track with them. Because we’ve been so successful in the past.”

    “I hated that feeling. For me, going midget racing is about enjoying it and having fun.”

    “I want to go there and do both of those things. Chad [Boat] and I have become really good friends over the last year or so. Now, whenever I go to the race tracks with Chad, it’s about enjoying it and having fun. Results are secondary.”

    “With Keith Kunz Motorsports, results are primary and I really feel like I was set for failure whenever I was going to the track with them.”
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    Interesting math.....and it is Kunz not Koonz. Great TRD partner, and one hell of a great guy.
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    You are right. I don't tuck in. Sorry.
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    So I'm at Western Springs for The last race is the International Series and just saw Larson in his pit.

    I asked him for a pic and he obliged. His eye is definitely hurt some. With how it is it shows what kind of guy he is to say yes.

    I know who's will post sideways or upside down. Can someone turn it right?

    This pic was just 15 mins ago.

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    Big first time win for Larson at the Chili Bowl. Still had the red eye in the winners circle.

    (oops, just saw the chili bowl thread in short track)
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