Long John

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    Legendary bucking bull Long John, 2015 PBR World Champion Bull and 2016 runner up, died suddenly and unexpectedly on Tuesday, February 21. He was diagnosed with a perforated intestine on Monday, scheduled for surgery Tuesday morning, but sadly passed during the night. He was a few weeks short of his 7th birthday... this was way too soon.

    At the top level PBR championship level, Long John was ridden to the 8 second buzzer just 7 times in 39 attempts. Ten times he scored over 45 points, more than any other bull has recorded. And he was off to a good start in 2017, unridden in two attempts and scoring 45.75 and 45.25 points.

    Godspeed Long John. You were a fierce competitor...

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    Shades of Bodacious in that boy. He was a feirce one.
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    The one bull name that has always stuck with me is "Helicopter".

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