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All From Jayski's. Bunch of Info on The team And Mike

Morgan McClure to Pontiac? Pontiac officials say they hope to have at least as many cars on the track in 2003 as they currently have, and expect to soon begin announcing which teams will field the new Grand Prix. Chief among those expected to join Pontiac is Morgan-McClure Motorsports, which currently fields the #4 Kodak Chevrolets for Mike Skinner. Team owner Larry McClure has met with General Motors officials on several occasions while considering the move. “We’re talking with GM about switching to Pontiac next season,” McClure said Aug. 3. “It’s a situation we feel might be beneficial to our team. There are so many Chevrolet teams right now, it would move us up a little bit in the pecking order. Sort of the big fish in a little pond, I guess.” Five teams currently field Pontiacs: #20-Tony Stewart and #18-Bobby Labonte at Joe Gibbs Racing; MBV with #10-Johnny Benson; MB2 with #36-Ken Schrader; and #14-A.J. Foyt Racing. Gibbs announced in July, however, that his teams will switch to the new Chevrolet for 2003. Pontiac has also been courting car owner Cal Wells, whose PPI Motorsports operation currently fields #32 Fords for driver Ricky Craven. But Wells says he is undecided on which brand will be in his team’s compound next season.

Skinner back in the #4 in 2003? Although he signed a three-year contract with Morgan-McClure Motorsports, Mike Skinner’s future in the #4 Kodak car isn’t a given. The contract is for one year with two, one-year options. “We’re in the process of talking with Mike about next season,” team owner Larry McClure said Aug. 3.


I hope Pontiac finds a couple of competitive teams to replace the two Gibbs cars. Larry and Cal's cars have shown some competitiveness, but not on a level with Gibbs.

It might help both of those to switch as neither are very high in the pecking order with their current manufacturers. Maybe Pontiac should try to work a deal a little like Dodge has with its teams.

The problem with that deal is I'm not sure how many $$$$ GM will allow Pontiac to pour into WC.


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Pontiac will need to find some high profile drivers/teams if they want to avoid going the way of Buick,Olds and Mercury.I think the more brands the better personally.
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