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Mulhern makes my "list"



Seems NASCAR journalists out to tick me off today.

Mike Mulhern of the Winston Salem Journal included this little tidbit in his column today. This Wall Street Jounal was discussed here yesterday and the enitre section of the article which dealt with Jeff Gordon and the Make-A Wish deal was posted. While I felt a wrong was being done, in no way did I or anyone else who responded to the posting feel that JG had anything to do with it. Make me wonder if this moron even read the article!! (do we have a seriously ticked off smilie?)

"Jeff Gordon made the front page of The Wall Street Journal yesterday, but it wasn't a very flattering portrayal. The story was about the Make-A-Wish Foundation and other charities that offer seriously ill children a chance to have a wish fulfilled, such as meeting a celebrity. Gordon declines to work with other "wish" charities, only Make-A-Wish."
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