NASCAR Pick "Em 2024 - Atlanta


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Mar 3, 2012
The deadline for submittal of drivers picks for the next race is Sunday, February 25th, 2:30 p.m. Eastern time.

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18th from Hemric.

I have a feeling that team is going to struggle a bit this season.
Top 20 from Hocevar could of been better bur considering he had 3 wheels off the ground when he hit Berry there late.
Such a bummer for the 38 to come home 26th - fast all day, got tight toward the end but still looked racy in the runs, Todd G did a hell of a job.
Congratulations to the three players (@Head423, @LibertyU24, and @ol'whatshisname) that picked Austin Cindric in the Ambetter Health 400 at Atlanta Motor Speedway as his 4th place finish enabled each of them to snag this week's "Highest Finishing Pick" award.
Additionally, Cindric's finish moved @ol'whatshisname to the top of the leader board for the first time in what seems like forever :dirtbike: and put @LibertyU24's name on the "Most Upward Movement" award.

At the other end of the spectrum, both the "Slipping & Sliding" and the "Wiping Up the Rear" awards ended up in the lap of @dirtfan thanks to the last place finish of his pick, Josh Williams.

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Dropped further than I hoped. Damn
I feel your pain.My strategy was to throw a bomb and use an A pick ( Willy B ) to Make a big jump, Byron had a top 5 car until McDummy crashed him on pit entry. He lucked back in to a 17th place finish and I ended up gaining 3 spots but losing more ground to the leader. Oh well,flush it. On to Vegas
The good news is I’m not gonna lose any more spots next weekend.

“Always Look on the Bright Side of life!”

They need a playoff system or something randomized to the top ___ after 26 races.

Oh well 16th in points is ok.
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