Pole and winner for Chicago...Your picks

Discussion in 'NASCAR chat' started by Awesome_Bill, Jul 11, 2002.

  1. Awesome_Bill

    Awesome_Bill Guest

    Fantasy--> Bill Elliott for the pole and the win

    Realistic-->Bill Elliott for the pole and the win
  2. pbunch

    pbunch Guest

    1.Martin I hope
    2.Gordon if he doesn't spoil a win for Mark.
    3.Tony Stewart back in top 5
    4.Dale Jarret shows it better to drive around track vs walking:p
    5.Kevin Harvick shows he still has talent.
    6.Kurt Bush will stay close to the other guy in the dog house.
    7.Rusty Wallace won't win because of pit stop errors.
    8.Sterling Marlin first dodge in top 10
    9.Ward Burton needs some luck,and gets it
    10.Dale Jr says not this time Mikey

    The Pole will go to Jeff Gordon
  3. Tony Stewart on pole
    winner Kevin Harvick
    darkhorse for top 10 Kyle PEtty sponser shoping
  4. followthe18

    followthe18 Guest

    There won't be a Pontiac on the pole.
    Newman will win the pole.
    I think Busch wins the race.
  5. B.C. - 24

    B.C. - 24 Guest

    The #24 car is going to stink up the show this weekend. He's so overdue for EVERYTHING to go his way that it isn't even funny. He'll qualify in the top 5, lead the most laps and get to the checkered flag first.:D
  6. drslingshot

    drslingshot Guest

    I've got another vote for Harvick winning at Chicago.
  7. trish

    trish Guest

  8. fan1080

    fan1080 Guest

    Pole- Newman
    Winner- Jeff Gordon
  9. Pole:Todd Bodine

    Race Winner:Rusty Wallace
  10. Pole: Jermey Mayfield (Hopefully Evernham will get it going good for him)
    Winner: Jeff Gordon (the streak ends here, hopefully)
  11. 66mustang

    66mustang Guest

    Pole - Ryan Newman
    Winner - Kevin Harvick
    Runner Up - Jeff Gordon

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