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Okay, I admit I first considered aunty's Starcom tweets to be 'Who cares' material about a bottom-feeder team.

I apologize; I'm learning a lot.
Charlie Langenstein been racing for 40 years.

Dirt and asphalt, amateur and professional at the top level, from Super Speedways to 1/4 mile snot bowls. His pictures and text are a gift to his countless friends in the racing community. He knows his stuff is up here.

I’m glad you posted, Charlie Spencer. I was going to give it up.
This made me laugh.

“Just before terminating their employment with VMS, both defendants engaged in a scheme designed to steal VMS’ most sensitive intellectual property,” alleges the complaint. Kimmel is accused of taking photographs of VMS cars when senior management was offsite, while Rider is accused of copying sensitive information from a shop computer. “Upon information and belief, Kimmel was documenting the unique suspension components and setup developed by VMS through wind tunnel and pull down machine testing for aerodynamic and handling advantages,” alleges the complaint.”
Not NASCAR related but need to share..

RIP Kobe Byrant. Holy ****.

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I posted this rant on Facebook, it's relevant to the topic at hand
"It seems like half of our sport's fanbase is mentally retarded. I want a return to road relevant cars as much as the next NASCAR fan, but it has to be industry relevant to 2020, not what was relevant in the industry in 1969...

NASCAR HAS to go electric. It's what the automakers want. Big time auto racing relies heavily on manufacturer support. Grassroots racing might not need it, but big time auto racing does.. You saw what happened to CART when Honda and Toyota left....that series collapsed without them... Granted, American Open Wheel Racing is a bit different than stock car racing, but the principle still applies..

Another thing too is gasoline and diesel engines are gradually being phased out across the automotive industry and countries are banning them by a certain date. It's the only way to ensure stock car racing survives..

Also, haven't those idiots figured out that Electrification in this case, means Hybrids.. which STILL rely on Internal Combustion Engines?. It has to be hybrids since the technology for EVs (including charging) can't currently meet the demands of NASCAR Cup Series racing... Seriously, Formula 1 runs Hybrids as do WEC Prototypes (and soon Le Mans-Daytona Hypercars and Indycar will run them too)
CRANDALL: The man who saved NASCAR?

“Let me put it this way. Without Jim at the helm right now, I think our sport would be in serious trouble. I think there are very real concerns that the sport has faced, and I think it was Jim and his leadership, and his acknowledgment that we do have some problems and we do need to act… his leadership has been paramount to getting us to where we are right now, and getting us to where we will be in another year. A couple of years ago, frankly, what we heard was a lot of rationalizing [that] it’s not that bad, we need to just change our messaging. They have come around, they have acknowledged that actually it is bad and we do need to act on this. So, again, it really has been critical.”

Watched an interview of JJ today. I’ll tell you what, I would not be shocked to see him go out on a bang. The guy seems to have that competitive drive back again

Look at those nails.
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