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Spencer said "Everybody keeps saying.it's from Bristol but there's no truth to that at all. I've raced him (Busch).all year long, we raced hard at Richmond, Martinsville, a lot of places. I moved over (at Indianapolis) and let him go down the back straightaway and we drove down in the corner and I put my throttle to the car and I don't know what happened. I did bump him and I'm sorry for it, but yet I don't know if he lifted.....if he didn't get on the gas that quick.....I really don't know what happened and I sure didn't mean to hit him but it's a part of the sport. You go to some of these tracks....Texas, Kansas City, Chicago, Indianapolis, Atlanta.....you do not want to get into an altercation with anybody, especially knowing that they could get hurt. I can't believe somebody is saying that I deliberately spun him out, especially at those speeds. I just don't drive that way. Who me..........nah........no way!



Apparently, they tested together at Charlotte yesterday. Here's what Busch had to say:

"My body is in a state of a little bit of shock with a stiff neck and some bruises on my right side, even though I hit on my left side, a lot of things ricochet around." During the wreck, Busch's right arm struck the outside of the seat which was not padded. Busch says he's real, real satisfied with the safer wall at Indy. Busch and Spencer have not spoken. "We're going about our business today" said Busch, and "The way that he (Spencer) made some remarks on TV was that it was accidental, but if it was accidental he would have stopped by today to say sorry".

I wonder if and when NASCAR will get around to levying some fines in this situation.


I don't think Jimmy know's how to say sorry........LOL!
And we will see if Nascar does anything or not!:confused:


"The way that he (Spencer) made some remarks on TV was that it was accidental, but if it was accidental he would have stopped by today to say sorry".

Don't hold your breath Kurt.

Did anyone else hear Cope(less) make the comment about being careful or Jimmy's wife and sister will be after to you. I know I am paraphrasing badly here but I nearly fell out of my seat.

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On RPMTonight Kenny Wallace was telling Kurt that he's messing with a madman and he needs to be careful. It was rather funny hearing Herman telling Kurt to watch out.

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I don't think Kenny has any room to talk on this subject. And the deal with Spencer and Busch, most likely they have been told to stay away from each other until NASCAR can take a look at things. Why would Spencer stop by to have a chat with Busch when there could be a chance of an altercation. This incident on the track between them has happened many times between other drivers. I think what put this more into the spotlight is when Busch got out on the track after the incident and showed he didn't care for what happened.
It's all a matter of was it intentional, Spencer said it wasn't. All NASCAR can do is view the tapes and go by what each driver says. There's been mixed views on this board even about what happened. NASCAR loves this kind of bull, puts all that excitement in there to rile up the fans.


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I'm sure they both were told to stay away from each other till the meeting Friday.

Maybe that signal from Kurt was really kiss my, not send him back.

Still a damn good race :D

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