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Discussion in 'NASCAR chat' started by 34R7H130UND, Mar 10, 2019.

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    Hey yall. I got tickets to Talladega, anniston, section C, row 24. I can't find a whole lot on the view of the track from those seats. Anybody been in that section? The guy in the ticket office said you can see the whole track from there, but I am doubtful. Itll be my kids first race and I want them to enjoy it and see the cars all the way around. It's at the entrance to pit road, which is cool I suppose. Just worried that it's not high enough. Last time i went to Talladega i was in the tower on the other side of the track lol. Thanks in advance!
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    I haven't been to 'Dega but if that's an upper deck (Anniston Tower iirc) row 24 you'll have an awesome view! I've looked into going to Talladega several times. Maybe this fall I'll finally do it...
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    There are large really large TVs to watch backstretch replays, sure you can see the cars...small
    Some things to do during practice / qualifying and for the Xfinity or truck race (buy cheapest ticket you can get for this race) kids might be free.
    go down all the way to the fence at start finish line sit in bottom row....incredible view and sound (ear protection)
    Turn around and walk to top of track where spotters are....best view in house
    Outside of track in turn 2...raceway ministries has free breakfast and Sunday church service
    For exercise get up extra early and walk completely around track....roughly 3 mile walk
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    Happy to help. :D
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    Thanks a million yall!

    And holy crap that's close! Haha
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    That's about where I sat last fall, your seats are perhaps but a bit closer to the tri-oval and maybe a row or two higher up.

    I was sort of skeptical at first about this area, but it actually worked out pretty well, could see most of turn 4, 1-2, and the tri-oval. They have tons of video boards around too which is nice. Sound wasn't a huge issue for me, might be for the young ones but compared to a smaller track it was actually much more manageable, mostly due to being less consistent I guess.

    Should be a great time, hope you see a better race than I did last fall. What a stinker.

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