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Discussion in 'The Checkered Flag' started by kkfan91, Sep 16, 2017.

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    That is so sad, RIP
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    Oh, no. A big loss to racing.
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    They did a tribute to him at the race at Riverhead Raceway tonight. Obviously his race car was already at the track before he was supposed to arrive. They brought his #82 car out and did a couple of laps with it.
    Sucks that this happened, RIP TC
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    I am in shock...this man is Modified Racing. He is what this sport is built on. I was at Thompson, last Sunday, to see his last win. I just can't believe I'm writing that...now 6 days later. I saw him throw punches at Rowan Pennink at Stafford a few weeks ago...a classic TC moment. He doesn't like to lose...and he was floored when Pennink bumped him out of the way. Just lot's of raw emotion. That's why he was still racing, at age 59. I'd never call myself a short track "regular", but I've followed the CT racing scene for years and TC was always there in a modified. When it's a tour/SK doubleheader he'd run both. He'd run the big events and he'd run weekly.

    I'll be at Stafford in two weeks. Hoping for a packed house. They'll do up something nice I'm sure. Christopher is Stafford's greatest driver. Love him or heate him, you can't argue with that...and he damn well earned that status.

    He will get in the HOF the first year he is eligible. One of the few non-Cup guys to do so.
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    MAGICMILER Bristol Baby

    Its not going to be the same at Loudon this coming weekend. Hopefully NHMS does something Tasteful for TC this coming weekend. He always ran exceptional there, and will be missed at Every track.
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    Just damn. RIP.
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    I just found out about this when I woke up, this is a huge loss for us here in the North East. I saw TC race hundreds of times, a throw back type of racer to the Dale era, love him or hate him there was always excitement around when he raced. He certainly will be missed.
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