The Future of Laguna Seca... Is There One?


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Apr 21, 2016
An excellent article by David Malsher at

Opinion: Saving Laguna Seca

One of America's finest road courses is under threat from factors caused by age and the struggle to make money from its headline events. David Malsher believes the proposal from a non-profit organization is what Laguna Seca needs most...

Local authorities started considering bids for the role of managing the Laguna Seca Recreation Area last Monday. A decision is expected by September, and there are three groups competing for the title of concessionaire.

One is a group of potential investors led by Chris Pook, godfather of the Grand Prix of Long Beach Association. Another is the International Speedway Corporation, which last year looked at taking over Laguna Seca and initially walked away. Then, following an approach by the track’s operators since 1957 – the Sports Car Racing Association of the Monterey Peninsula (SCRAMP) – ISC interest was piqued once more.

The third bid is the most intriguing of all and comes from a group called the Friends of Laguna Seca, a non-profit public benefit corporation. Its president Ross Merrill has stated, “We are committed to managing Laguna Seca with fiscal responsibility and for the benefit of our community.

“We’re driven by a passion for motorsports, a dedication to our community, and a desire to transform nearly six decades of renowned racing legacy into a new engine for our local economy. Ultimately, our aim is to restore the Raceway’s former glory.”

[Much more here, in an article that is uncommonly well written.]


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Feb 9, 2013
The Intercontinental GT Challenge (SRO) will have an eight-hour race there next year.

Devastating for NIMBYs, I'm sure.
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