The Music History of Macon


Aug 23, 2009
Crawford County, GA
So, my hometown has a pretty rich music history, use to have a recording studio here back in the 60s and 70s..

This video talks about it a bit

But a lot of music that I just love, mainly Southern Rock was record here, country music, some stuff that video mentions I never knew. Like Willie Nelson, where not signed to Capricorn Records, record here, as well as many other artist. There isn't much about my hometown I'm proud of, or that makes me feel happy. But this is one of them. This is just something that makes me wish I was living there during that time.

Being able to go down to the park downtown, listen to some great music, and just experience that is something I just dream of. Midnight Rider, was recorded in Macon, and it's an amazing song, and its why I hold that song so dear to my heart, because of the greatness of it, but also because I grew up in the same town they lived in, and record in. Like picture being able to go to the store, and seeing Gregg Allman and his wife Cher just shopping for damn apples or something.

You can go here and see a list of musicians from Macon, or ones who lived here at some point.'

As much **** as I give my hometown, I truly do love this part of it's history.

I miss the Georgia Music Hall of Fame being a thing, I only got to visit it once, and that was an amazing trip. Not everything there was Macon, but it had it's fair share of stuff.​
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