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Hot topics such as politics and religion and iPhone vs. Android always get so divisive and cause moderators to go crazy trying to tone it down and curb the personal attacks and uncalled-for insults. Finding the time and sanity to try to keep the Podium clean is more of a burden than the rest of the forums combined. Especially around election time.

We can't help but notice its effect on the rest of the forums. It's seeping in and ruffling everybody's feathers. If left to fester as-is, it could spoil the rest of the site, even for the people who don't care to jump into the debates. A few bad apples, and whatnot. But if it's closed off entirely, it's like amputating an arm to save a finger. So, we have to take any change we do very seriously. We have a few options we're exploring, and are open to ideas.

For now, The Podium is only open to those who wish to participate in it. You need to PM an administrator to be given access. (fury, Magnethead, nascarwoman)

We have left this placeholder forum here only for this specific announcement. Any feedback regarding the ultimate fate of the Podium can be left in Feedback about the Podium.

The disclaimer: Anything goes. No holds barred. Do not report posts in this forum, as there will be no moderation. By requesting access, you take sole responsibility for your involvement in the Podium debates, and you agree not to bring moderators or administrators into Podium-related disputes, as they will not intervene. As you may very well know, it can get pretty heavy. If you can't handle the heat, don't step into the kitchen.

Posting other people's PII (personally identifiable info) directly or indirectly without their authorization is strictly prohibited, including but not limited to social media accounts, names, faces.

Now, the rule: Zero-tolerance. Podium style discussion will not be allowed in the other forums. This also includes political avatars and political signatures. If a thread starts out in the general area and gets too hot, it will be moved to the Podium. If you spill Podium hate out into the rest of the forum, you will be discouraged in a variety of ways, including but not limited to banning you from non-podium forums, or "random errors" when logging in. So, don't let the slug fest make it outside.
Not open for further replies.
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