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3 Guys From Each Series

Nascar: Jeff Gordon,Tony Stewart,and Rusty Wallace

Cart: Christiano da Matta,Bruno Junqueira,and Dario Franchitti

IRL: Helio Castroneves,Gil de Ferran,and Sam Hornish Jr

F1: Michael Schumacher,Rubens Barrichello,and Juan Montoya

NHRA: John Force,Larry Dixon,and Jim Yates

American Le Mans : Ron Fellows, Jon Field,and Tom Kristensen

Trans AM: Boris Said,Paul Gentilozzi,and Butch Leitzinger

Race Schedule:

1.Daytona (100 Laps)
2.Long beach (51 Laps)
3.Bristol (250 Laps)
4.Road Atlanta (65 Laps)
5.Las Vegas (133 Laps)
6.Watkins Glen (55 Laps)
7.Richmond (200 Laps)
8.Sears Point (65 Laps)
9.Atlanta (160 Laps)
10.Martinsville (250 Laps)
11.Road America (60 Laps)
12.Indy (80 Laps)

Points System
Sounds great but what is the chance that all of them have an open time to race.
Miller Time. I am going to have to agree with you on that:) I have thought of a system like that but never really wrote it down like that, this was better than was I was thinkin anyway. That way would defintely make IROC true to its name.

But there lies a problem, people would argue the NHRA due to its differences, I am not so shure about that one unless a drag race was incorparated in.

Also, with F1 drivers should there be an F1 track or 2 in there?

And finally mabey have the drivers drive stock cars on the ovals and carts on the road courses?
You would never be able to get all of those guys in the same place at the same time. Not with their eclectic racing schedules. Besides, I doubt the F1 guys would ever jump into an American made ride. I would be shocked if they admitted that they wanted to.
You would have to pay Schumaker billions to get him to race in an IROC car...even then I doubt he would even give it a thought.
Nate I was thinking the same thing when i came up with it about the nhra but i could not figure that any those other drivers would do a drag race so i had to scap that but i still belive the nhra drivers could still do pretty well.
I have always said it would be much better if they raced the same number of races in each driver's home series - in identically prepared versions of what ever that driver runs.

That makes the most sense... As it is now, it too heavily favors the cup guys -- when you look at it that way, the other drivers do an outstanding job of hanging in there...
I think iroc should race open wheel and stock cars and race on oval and road course its supose to be a race of champions

the way it is now its hard to beleive any open wheel driver has ever won in iroc its surpriseing that dale sr and micheal andretie are tied for most wins in iroc atleast I think they are
Hell, while we're at it, let's throw in some dirt guys. I'd love to watch Scott Bloomquist show his stuff. He won the first time he ever drove on asphalt, he'd give 'em a run for their money. Plus the thought of Schumaker or whatever on a 3/8 dirt oval.....oh yeah, he'd make the F1 folks proud. :rolleyes:
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