This is why I think Robin Miller is one of the best ever.

Miller’s own racing story is pretty interesting.

Before his untimely demise, my friend Jerry Sneva regularly attended Miller’s Friday lunches. He had some good RM stories.

Excellent but also very humble article by Robin Miller. He, along with Herk, were two of my favorite personalities back when. Robin continues to do himself proud. Very few writers will lay it on the line as Miller does and that is what endears him to race fans and participants alike. It is also what turns others off but his qualities far exceed what his detractors view as shortcomings.
Robin Miller deserves to be in the HOF.
At the age of 18, Miller scammed his way onto Hurtubise's Indy 500 crew. During qualifying Miller was leaned over the pit wall when Herk put the last ever roadster in the show.

He got fired before raceday because (he says) he smudged the Mallard's new paint job.


Whatever Robin decides, if he's able to continue commentating, I just wish him the best at whatever he decides. Just the wealth of knowledge, personality, energy and passion for racing has been nothing short of magnanimous.

Been watching and listening to Robin ever since I was a toddler. Losing him would be losing an encyclopedia for motorsports, but life continues on. Bless him, his family, friends, and colleagues.
Robin Miller said what some of us have thought when faced with a life threatening condition. I know one other poster on this forum who went through a situation that involved staring into the abyss and wondering if we would come out the other side.
Robin said it far more eloquently than I could without painting it pretty colors. I think we come to a time when we begin to realize we are not invincible but mortal beings with an expiration date.
Life is a blessing every day and whatever time you get out of bed know today could be the last day and do something positive.
I do not intend this to be a lecture, please do not take it that way, but at my age of 84 years and ten months, the realization today might be the last day I'll speak to my son or daughter, look my wonderful bride in the eyes and whisper how much I love her, or chat with my neighbors, I can reflect on what a good life I've had.
Don't take life for granted. Enjoy it despite the pitfalls and hard times. Love it the way Robin Miller does and presents in his soliloquy.

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