Truck RACE thread --- Bristol

CC 2nd stage - " P20 right there "
Deegan - " I think I want to stay out"
CC- "we'll see how many stay out and I will let you know, you make the call"

She is staying out to pick up a couple of spots. Restart P14.
Talking about bleeders, if they haven't made a significant improvement on them they are a pain in the butt to work with.You can set them to pop off say at 34 psi but from my experience that was a crap shoot
Spotter #13 - "Lets go get that 88 , you can get em"

Thats a team mate and a tall order.
Quick race, reminds me of old single lane Bristol .

Spotter at checkers - " That will be P17"
CC - "Thanks for keeping it clean "
Deegan - "Thanks guys"
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