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Discussion in 'NASCAR chat' started by PettyBenson, Jul 11, 2002.

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    Mike Wallace To Replace Benson At Chicagoland

    Mike Wallace will drive the #10 Valvoline Pontiac in the Nascar Winston Cup race this weekend at Chicagoland Speedway replacing the injured Johnny Benson.

    "We wanted someone with experience that we knew the team and I could communicate with," said Crew Chief James Ince. "Mike is just that driver. Our
    team is devastated about what happened to Johnny Saturday night but we have a job to do and we have every intention of going on and doing the best we can."

    Benson is recovering from displacements in ribs 6, 7 and 8 on the right side of his chest suffered in an accident Saturday night in the 400-mile at Daytona
    International Speedway.

    Benson's timetable for returning to racing has yet to be determined by his physician and the Valvoline Racing team. Benson missed the Richmond, Charlotte and Dover races earlier this season because of rib injuries from the Richmond Busch Series accident.

    Saturday's accident did not reinjure the ribs Benson hurt at Richmond.

    Wallace, 43, finished 41st Saturday night at Daytona in his fourth Winston Cup start of the season. He scored a career best second-place finish at Phoenix in
    2001 driving the #12 Penske Ford.

    He has made seven starts in the Busch Series in 2002.

    Wallace owns three Busch Series victories and four Craftsman Truck Series victories. Wallace's older brother is Rusty and younger brother is Kenny who
    both race in Winston Cup.

    The Valvoline Pontiac will carry a special paint scheme this weekend. Fozzy Bear's picture will be prominently featured on the car in honor of the 25th
    anniversary of the Muppets.
  2. fan1080

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    Thanks PB4510... I like Mike Wallace and hope he can land hisself a good ride some day.
  3. Awesome_Bill

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    Maybe he will be back into Parks car..,.
  4. fan1080

    fan1080 Guest

    He sure did drive the wheels off that car the end of last year didn't he! We'll have to wait and see.
  5. Awesome_Bill

    Awesome_Bill Guest

    I wouldnt doubt it. He proved that he could drive it better than Steve (at least as of late) and Steve has made it apparent that he may not be back with DEI next year. But will Wallace be in it or a young gun from busch?
  6. fan1080

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    Steve may not be back at all. Unfortunate, but he is damaged goods now and hasn't proven he can perform.

    WHo do you think from Busch would be a candidate... biffle, Kellar, not sure about hamilton Jr he may not be ready.
  7. judas1

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    uhhh huh huh, wrong wallace.

    mike wallace is driving the #10 for jb;)
  8. Awesome_Bill

    Awesome_Bill Guest

    I think Biffle is going to Roush...Keller Hamilton Riggs etc. could all be canidates.
  9. Awesome_Bill

    Awesome_Bill Guest

    Judas I wasnt talking about this week...I was talking about the future...I know that Mike is subbing for Benson.
  10. judas1

    judas1 Guest

    is keller looking to come up to cup next year?
  11. judas1

    judas1 Guest

    well, you said back into parks car, i thought you made a mistake of thinking he drove the #1 before, my bad:eek:
  12. Awesome_Bill

    Awesome_Bill Guest

    No idea...right now he looks content in the Busch series.
  13. judas1

    judas1 Guest

    thats what i was thinking. my dad and i kinda follow keller and i havent heard anything about him looking for a cup ride, so i thought id ask:)

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