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  1. Magnethead

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    Truck shop that I have been helping at, the Owner's son's truck had the rack start leaking (input spline seal), so I put a new rack in it yesterday. While I had it up on stands, I went through the balljoints since the truck has 150K miles. Didn't see anything in particular to get my attention, other than mentioning that the brakes were around 1% life remaining.

    This morning I get a call "We have problems...the right front is locking up. Can you go man the shop for our 9AM appt then come help me?"

    So I go meet him at the Kroger parking lot. I'm thinking the brake line collapsed or something "simple" like that.

    8:20: Boss calls "Stevo I need your help, the right front on the truck is locked up"

    -throws tools in my truck and drives over-

    "I hope it's simple"

    -removed tire, notices rotor gouged and no pad left-

    "Looks like the brake line may have collapsed"

    -tries to move the Pistons to remove caliper-

    "I hope the Pistons didn't fall out of the caliper"

    -forcibly removes caliper-

    -uses clamp to push back Piston-

    "This makes me feel better"

    -tries to rotate rotor-

    "We're f---. Hub bearings came apart"

    -gets out breaker bar and 36mm socket-

    -jumps on the breaker bar to no avail-

    -Puts jack handle on breaker bar and jumps to no avail-

    -truck owner gets on jack handle and jumps...finally budges-

    -Goes to pull hub...does not pull-

    -Puts crescent wrench on brake rotor (which is rust-welded to hub) and pulls...no budge-

    -Tries the C-clamp...no budge-

    -Tries C-clamp and crescent at same time...no budge-

    -puts tire back on and calls for a hook. $0 through his USAA. -

    (Some time elapses)

    -Tow truck drops off the truck...but it's loaded backwards from what we need-

    -drop truck from rollback...tire is just making all kinds of grinding noise-

    -Drives truck into bay...sounding like bloody murder-

    -Puts truck on jackstand-

    "I wonder what's left of that hub..."

    -Lifts and pulls tire-

    -Tire comes off truck-

    Me and boss at same time: "What the ffffffudge"














  2. Clutch

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    His Dad owns a truck shop?

  3. BobbyFord

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    There’s no way that bearing wasn’t making noise prior to locking up.
  4. sdj

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    No sympathy here, this is plain abuse and lack of maintenance and yes, he has heard this for a while, geeeezzzzz.
  5. StandOnIt

    StandOnIt Farm Truck

    Too busy yapping and texting and cranking up the tunes.
  6. sdj

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    Let him sit for a while, that will change his attitude, believe me it works.
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  7. Magnethead

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    I drove the truck yesterday after putting the rack in and heard nothing. When i did the prybar check for ball joints nothing was out of the normal.

    Yes the owner's son does play his music loud...10" subwoofer, so i doubt he would have heard it anyways.

    But i'm fully convinced that the fact that the brakes were down to 1mm also played a contributing factor.

    They bought the truck at 135K miles from a marine that had recently relocated from the Carolinas (kid is a senior in HS). As far as I can tell, somebody, somewhere, did not do a pre-sale/post-sale inspection.

    Driving it back from the alignment shop, I noticed the U-joints clopping under acceleration as well....
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