Where is the best online resource for NASCAR diecasts?



I would like to know everyone's opinion on where to get the best die-cast deals (online), especially the older cars, etc. I have a modest collection, just over 100, 1:24 scale. I would like to add to that, especially the older, hard to find die-casts. I have traditionally went to the typical retailer, antique malls, auctions, and garage sales to find my selection, but I would like to start using the internet instead of gasoline.

Any help would be appreciated, and I will pass on a little find of my own.

I've been looking online for the perfect display case for my die-cast collection and finally found a company that makes beautiful display cases out of acrylic. I'm impressed with the quality of these cases and the cost. They can be custom ordered to fit whatever type of display you're trying to create. I liked these display cases so much that I signed up for an affiliate account so I could get a little credit for spreading the news, but I don't want you to think I'm sending this info just to make a buck. I really do love the cases and just want to share the info.

If you want me to get credit for guiding you to their site use the address below:
Clicking on the above link will also get you a 20% discount on ALL their products!

Or, if you feel I'm spamming (which I'm really not trying to do), you can use the address below to go directly to their site and I won't get credit:

As a fellow enthusiast, I'm more interested in you seeing their products than getting credit for sending you there. But my affiliate link will get you the 20% discount if you're interested.

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I personally like GoMotorsportsBids.com. They are well regulated and have great prices usually. Got some fine Christmas gifts from them.
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