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Discussion in 'Short Track Racing' started by VaDirt, Aug 4, 2016.

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    Just got bigger. A weekend of racing has been added for the previous weekend, and is named the World Short Track Championships. Three days, 9 classes.

    • DIRTcar/SECA Pro Late Models – A full-bodied late model with a Chevrolet Performance 604 engine
    • DIRTcar UMP Modified – Open wheeled modifieds as raced in all of North America
    • DIRTcar Sportsman Modifieds – Northeast open-wheel modified with center steer Northeast modified body style with Chevrolet Performance 602 engines
    • DIRTcar/SECA Pro Modifieds – Open wheel Modifieds with a Chevrolet Performance 602 engine.
    • 360 Sprint Cars -Winged Sprint cars with 360 cubic inch engines
    • DIRTcar Pro-Sprints – Winged sprint cars with Chevrolet Performance 602 engines
    • SECA Crate Sportsman – Full-bodied American stock car with Chevrolet Performance 602 engine
    • MMSA Mini-Stocks – Monster Mini Stock Association 4-cylinder stock cars
    • FWD/Hornets – Front wheel drive sports compacts modified for dirt track racing
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  2. toledo47

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    Its a nice idea, but isnt a big part of the crowd travelling fans? I dont think many are gonna travel a week early and now have to pay for more than a weeks worth of hotel just to see what is normally the support class.
    360 sprints are fine, but i dread to think about how long those modified races are gonna be... three different types!? when i see those as a support class for sprints or late models, it slows the show down so bad... the only modifieds that put on good events are the Northeast big blocks and the Nascar tour mods..
    360 spirnts arent gonna be much of a draw in the carolinas. i also doubt most locals are gonna feel like going to two long race weekends in a row , not mention, its not cheap...
    i doubt theres gonna be many fans in the stands. maybe the promoters can make a profit with back gate money if the car counts are good... i cant imagine this extra weekend is gonna last..

    i think it would have been better if they would have added one or two of these classes to the thursday portion to the world finals since all they do is qualify and heat racea, no features.
  3. LewTheShoe

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    There. You found the key.

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