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    Johali's Rate the Race --- Charlotte

    When have they not been? 2 years ago?
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    Adam Alexander/Jamie Mac/Bowyer Booth

    no, too much useless yikyak, just have one person call the race, i dont need any explaining or trips down memory lane.
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    Johali's Rate the Xfinity race --- Charlotte

    7 mor guudder racin den cuppers
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    Johali's Rate the Race --- The 600

    nascar gets paid a lot of money by the pentagon to put on the recruiting infomercial.
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    Bonehead of the Race: Darlington II

    nascar, for failing to schedule race on weekend.
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    Bonehead of the week: Darlington I

    88, for not punting harvick on restart.
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    What's your unpopular NASCAR opinion?

    the tracks are just fine, its the cars that suck.
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    nitrous push to pass, why not?

    oh nose, not another gimmick
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    What are you missing most about the 2020 NASCAR season as it’s on hiatus?

    i can no longer remember what day of the week it is.
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    Looks like Martinsville will be postponed

    just eat oysters every day, high in zinc.
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    Johali's rate the race: IRacing Texas

    6 i-racing = tire conservation competition.
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    iRace - IndyCar at Watkins Glenn Saturday 3/28

    zzzzzz just like real indy car
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    Johali’s rate the race iracing style

    7 better than i expected, but no high line at homestead is unforgivable.
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    What move would rejuvenate NASCAR the most?

    nope, more, have 2 drivers in a car, one steers, the other works the pedals.
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    IRACE thread --- Homestead

    no endless stage points and chase blabbering makes this race very enjoyable to watch.
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