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    Cali Bonehead

    He must not care......because he didn't go over and have a slap fest and a disingenuous shoving match with one of his friends. He didn't go over and take his window net down for him and then grab him while still in the car. His crew didn't skirmish with Denny's crew. Instead maybe they just had...
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    Chilli Bowl 2020

    We know Faccinto pretty well out here in CA. Haven't really heard a bad word about the guy. I don't know if this reveals who he is a s a person or if this is just something that is used around he and his people, but the concerning aspect is the ease in which it came out. This leads you to...
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    Larson very bad accident he’s ok

    I mean the stands were sold out in Bako when KB, Hemric and Jones came for the Winter Showdown.....people were buying the hell out of the KB meet and greet packs which were grossly overpriced. The stands were sold out when the WOO came into Placerville with Larson and Kahne running and the...
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    Larson very bad accident he’s ok

    I think he knows where the criticism comes from. It doesn't mean it is correct. He never pinned himself with the "real racer" moniker that you seem to be oddly infatuated with. It is absolutely a romantic ideal. One that has been thrust upon him from people who have been yearning for more of...
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    Larson very bad accident he’s ok

    I can't even with this........
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    Larson very bad accident he’s ok

    This is all so funny to me. He owns his own WOO team. It's not a hobby anymore when that amount of money is being tossed around. If he decided to leave Cup at this point he would be just fine. He has developed so many partnerships with sponsors that Cup isn't needed at this point. He runs NASCAR...
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    USAC 2019

    Went to P'Ville for the two day Hangtown 100. Fantastic turn out and they did a really nice job with the show. Sounds like next year will fall on a weekend will be nice as we left the track at 11:40pm and got home at 1:30AM. Track was awesome and the racing was tremendous. This is the best form...
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    Attending Night Racing vs Day Racing

    Agree. In today's world there is little to no excuse to not DVR the Cup race on a Saturday night if you want to go to your local short track. We do it almost weekly. From 3-11pm at the short track, turn off phone notifications to reduce chance of spoilers, wake up on Sunday and watch race at...
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    Driver run-ins

    Rusty Wallace Jimmie Johnson Burney Lamar Kyle Larson Kasey Kahne Joey Logano Kevin Harvick Martin Truex Denny Hamlin Plenty more that I cannot recall. All have been more than accommodating.
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    Kyle larson is robby gordon 2.0

    Except Chip allows for a lot more races on his schedule. I forget how may dates a year he gives him, but I know it is significantly more than the others. Chip also helps with sponsorship on his outlaw kart showcase he puts on every year. I think overall there is a huge loyalty that he has...
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    Kyle larson is robby gordon 2.0

    I think at the time he could have been, but being at Ganassi has not helped. I get why he is there though. If you want to run dirt and Chip is willing to let you, why leave? I think if he were to leave and head to Hendrick or Gibbs you would have a different tone. The talent isn't a question...
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    Roval Bonehead(s)

    Oh zing! Get over it old timer. Jokes on you. Here you are bitching and moaning. You clearly were invested enough to check in on the attendance, the water bottle incident, the manufactured cautions etc.
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    World of Outlaws 2019

    Took my kid to P'ville last night. Really good racing. Track was ridiculous fast. Larson made it out before heading to Vegas. He started 18th in the Main and spun in 4 trying to get too much in the early laps. Ended up restarting near 20th and drive to 7th. Macedo was crazy fast, but made a...
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    World of Outlaws 2019

    Doing this while on his turf as well. Sweet has a chance to really dig into it on this west coast s
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    Tony on young drivers

    I would. It's an antiquated way of thinking. It isn't hard to look around the landscape of the world and see a generational shift toward younger people. Where my frustration lies on these types of things is that I prescribe to a "get better" philosophy. You want to compete, then compete. Work...
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