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    Johali's Rate the Cup Race --- Indy

    6 for some good moments but mostly racing the track.
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    NASCAR Pick 'Em 2020 - Pocono #2

    It's a tough competition! I did well at Pocono using C drivers (a 10th from Buscher Saturday and a 12th from Kenseth Sunday) and only improved one spot. My early failures by upper tier drivers cost BIGLY. My goal now is to somehow crawl back into the top 15 by year's end.
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    Do Big Wrecks Contribute to Driver Decline?

    Every individual is unique. Motivation, risk, life experience. Even science weighs in, as the human brain doesn't fully develop until the early to mid-20's...which affects decision-making and risk-taking. @LewTheShoe related his story about motorcycle road racing, and I guy I knew who did that...
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    Not a hate crime....

    Occam’s Razor: The simplest explanation is usually the right one. Why was the loop tied in that manner? Because someone wanted a loop in the garage door pull rope and that was how he tied it. Other photos from garages for several years have similar loops. Those surveyed by NASCAR found 11 knots...
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    Not a hate crime....

    I listened to much of the news conference on XM while between business calls. Seeing the photo (the 1 photo they elect to share) it fails to put the garage door pull rope into context. Clearly this is the same rope and position from the circulated photo seen previously of that stall from 2019...
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    Not a hate crime....

    So if the rope and loop was hanging down from the garage in the same manner as last year's photo, someone on that crew alerted NASCAR of it as evil intent and they BOUGHT THAT??? If someone had cut it down and hung it up over a doorway, or laid it on the drivers window/seat/hood of the car, I...
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    Not a hate crime....

    Here’s the deal: I want NASCAR to show us photos, give us details and more information. So far we have photos that show the stall from 2019 (with the loop built onto the end of the pull rope to assist pulling it down) and the pic from this event that shows a very shortened rope with no loop. The...
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    Johali's Rate the Race --- Talladega

    10 - a rare one from me. Love Talladega and this was quite a show. Tough great racing all day long. What a finish!
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    NASCAR Pick 'Em 2020 - Homestead

    I must be the kryptonite stone this season. I picked Joey the clown and the joke was on me. Never fails who I pick, they have some freak of Murphy's law incident that screws them up. Oh well...destined for back marker status! Should have stuck with throwing darts.
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    Midweek races not working....

    I’m good with some midweek racing, but would LOVE to see those be special designs that are shorter, built around heat races with a mix of cars in groups via drawings. Maybe an A heat, then a B heat. The bottom 18 race in the semifinal heat which determines the final finishing order for 21 thru...
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    NASCAR Pick 'Em 2020 - Martinsville #1

    For sure they will give Bubba all the extras possible. Mr. proverbial back 20 something will likely contend to justify all the camera time.
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    NASCAR - Television Ratings Thread

    What sports organizations must understand, within all this virtue signaling, is that they threaten to isolate their fans relative to their return to the stands. You still need fans in the seats to have a quality level of sports enterprise. I post this in the TV ratings forum for a reason (and...
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    NASCAR Pick 'Em 2020 - Martinsville #1

    Hear my whine please..... Having the worst luck ever in this game. Practically EVERY race my driver has an issue. Yikes! Like any racer, I will soldier on, even if my car is laps down due to another blistered tire, pit mistake, hit from behind, etc.... :eek:. Think I'll start the "throw a...
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    NASCAR Pick 'Em 2020 - Darlington #1

    Gotta put Matt Kenseth on the board.
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    Darlington 400 and 500k Pre Race-Thread

    No I wish I could. Lived in SW Florida for the last 7 years and 14 years in Missouri before that. I haven’t been back to Hickory Speedway in a very l o n g time. Sounds like a great event...will look it up!
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