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    William Byron wins

    The color scheme on the 24 is as good as it’s been in a while. Really interested to see if Byron/Fugle is going to be a team to reckon with on a consistent basis.
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    Xfinity RACE thread --- Homestead

    Woo hoo, got loose but hung on. First timer!
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    Xfinity RACE thread --- Homestead

    Noah with the dips**t blast...
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    Xfinity RACE thread --- Homestead

    Just insane bad luck. Feel bad for both.
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    Xfinity RACE thread --- Homestead

    Just wow.
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    College Football 2020

    As a lifelong USC honk, what’s happened to them is a farce. Here’s a nice overview:
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    College Football 2020

    UCLA kicks off up 38-36 and 56 seconds left, SC no timeouts.... 56 yd KO return 35 yd pass 8 yd TD pass Took 36 seconds.
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    Happy 83rd Birthday Bobby!

    When I was a kid Gurney, Pearson and Mario were my faves and then I started rooting for Bobby. I was so happy for him when he finally won it all.
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    F1 - 2020 Bahrain Grand Prix

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    Determining a Champion

    The way they handicap the non-finalists there are probably viewers out there thinking Harvick didn’t belong in the Final Four because he couldn’t even compete yesterday.
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    Determining a Champion

    “Last of the V-8 Interceptors”
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    Cup Championship RACE thread --- Phoenix

    That post-race interview with his family while Chase was smokin em up over his shoulder was kinda sad.
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    Johali's Rate the Championship Cup race

    4 Loved seeing Chase get a champ. trophy to set next to Pop’s but otherwise yawn. I do give a 10 to whoever at HQ declined to tell them to mix in a late fabricated yellow to spice it up for TV.
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    Determining a Champion

    I support any format where they don’t need to dick with the cars so that the finalists are faster. That’s like an insult to racing, race fans and all the folks who built this sport.
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