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    Brad Keselowski - Official Thread

    Meh. I mean, Kez is "my driver" and I like how he tends to think outside the box, but I'm not excited about rules packages and race procedures that are designed to introduce more randomness into the races. I prefer a meritocracy where driver skills and team execution tend to be rewarded. At...
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    NASCAR Racing Forum's: 15 Best Peaks Project (Modern Era) #1

    By near universal usage, Nascar's modern era began in 1972... schedule trimmed down to ~30 races.
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    NASCAR Pick 'Em 2020 - Charlotte #2

    For all those who carefully track "points as they run" it must be reported that yours truly had ascended to lead the points standings at the moment of the competition caution on lap 20. OK, it was a fleeting moment of glory, but sweet while it lasted..:salute:
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    F1 2020 News/Misc.

    Certainly not closing the team, but this report suggests Mercedes will sell it off. It sounds to me like a return to the business structure pre-2011, when Mercedes was an engine supplier but not a chassis builder nor a race team. In those days, Mercedes was simply an engine supplier. McLaren was...
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    F1 2020 News/Misc.

    The article quoted below is from F1 Insider. It seems to be an English translation of the Autobild article quoted by Adam Stern as his source for the tweet shown above. I'm not familiar with F1 Insider. Might it be an English language offshoot of Autobild...
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    F1 2020 News/Misc.

    Mercedes exiting F1??? That would rank as a bombshell for sure...
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    Bonehead of the Race: Coca-Cola 600

    Yeah, that legendary Gordon/Elliott fan base is a force to be reckoned with... different from others because it's so large, and that creates a bit of a mob mentality. I'll admit I was pissed off at Martinsville three years ago when Brad K was cruising to the win with 6 or 7 laps to go. Teammate...
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    Bonehead of the Race: Coca-Cola 600

    So, you're saying Chad Knaus should call the #24 car's race to provide maximum benefit to the #9 car's result??? Hmmm, interesting perspective there. Personally, I think the absence of team orders in Nascar is a good thing.
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    Brad Keselowski - Official Thread

    Memorial Day is a good day to give Old Glory a ride in open air...
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    Formula E High Jinks... LMAO

    Welp, I've heard of road course ringers in Nascar, and I've heard of "mistaken identity" at the Chile Bowl, so why not iRacing ringers in Formula E? That seems to be what Audi factory team driver Daniel Abt thought too. Alas, the clever sleuths from Mercedes were on the case. They protested that...
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    2020 IndyCar Miscellaneous

    First - I'm sure this is a factor, particularly right now, as Ferrari's home region struggles to survive the coronavirus devastation. And Ferrari has unparalleled ability to attract sponsorship to cover the costs. Also, the Agnelli clan, which controls both Ferrari and FCA, is in a delicate...
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    Charlotte Pre-Race Thread

    ^ @ You are right, Nitro. I should have found a better way and better place to make my point. I apologize to you and to @Mispeedway15.
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    Charlotte Pre-Race Thread

    Well, you could have died in Afghanistan or something. Jus' saying... it being Memorial Day and all..:idunno: Seriously, I'm not meaning to pick on you in particular. It's just that so many people don't stop to think about what Memorial Day really means... our most solemn holiday in America.
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    Misjudging Kyle Busch

    Quite a collection of Kyle Busch videos in this thread. In most of these many incidents, Kyle has never accepted any responsibility. Bill Parcells, the famous NFL coach, has a favorite motto... "You are what your record says you are." This is certainly true in racing... regarding race wins...
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    Johali's Rate the Xfinity race --- Darlington

    Great race and a fabulous finish. Chase Briscoe pulled off a monumental win two days after his wife suffered a miscarriage. That's gotta make it even more memorable to Chase. Chase Briscoe regards 2020 as his last shot at getting a Cup ride, and says he needs to win 7 or 8 races to make that...
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