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    Jimmie Johnson test positive for Covid-19

    This has been my beef from the start. I disagree with the doom and gloom of a positive test for a healthy adult, but if you're going to bring everyone together, at least be responsible and test each person. Taking temperatures are a joke.
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    Do Big Wrecks Contribute to Driver Decline?

    Without racing 200 miles per hour into turn one at Pocono, I can give my uneducated opinion that I think it did contribute to his decline. Also, the youth movement at Hendrick and Roval '18 has hampered him, too.
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    Not a hate crime....

    The irony of Bubba Wallace being "oppressed" is that David Steward helped finance the RPM team, solely because of Bubba and him being the only black driver in the premier series. Now, I think that's fair game, and actually applaud the partnership, but without Steward jumping on board, I'm not...
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    Not a hate crime....

    Well - I have plenty of opinions on this, so I guess I will throw my uneducated two cents into the party. First off, I feel the confederate flag has as much right to be at the track as someone wearing a BLM shirt, a MAGA hat, etc. Either regulate them all, or none of them. This is why I was so...
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    Not a hate crime....

    Now that NASCAR has successfully reached out to the FBI for assistance in identifying a knotted rope, would they consider getting them to check out this putrid aero package, too? Politics and racism aside, I have zero faith that any leadership in this regime is capable of making decisions to...
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    Charlotte RACE thread --- The 600

    Pitting should be a fireable offense.
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    Interest builds around possible changes to NASCAR schedule

    Random question: While not a points paying event, does the All Star races receive the same type of purse and television revenue as the others? If so and it is cancelled, are we looking at a 37 race season? Will the All Star race be ran following the season, a la Motegi/Suzuka?
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    Interest builds around possible changes to NASCAR schedule

    No clue what "legacy" means, but I am worried about the state of Virginia. Getting four races in seems like a challenge, due to the current political climate. Of course, the same may be said for Chicago, due to the logistics and uncertainty of how this virus will flair back up.
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    ESPN's 'The Last Dance.'

    I am stealing this from John Roberts' idea on the radio today, but curious as to what you would pick as your NASCAR version? Pick one year overall or one team to have a documentary on chronicling the entirety of the NASCAR season.
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    Interest builds around possible changes to NASCAR schedule

    Backstretch pitting to help social distancing? This will end up being 1980 before all is said and done.
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    Interest builds around possible changes to NASCAR schedule

    Assuming a third Charlotte race is added, that means a second regularly scheduled race will be dropped as well. I would almost bet Sonoma, Kansas, Chicago, Richmond and Martinsville will be on the chopping block. Maybe Watkins Glen, too? If both road courses get dropped, does Pocono bust out the...
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    Interest builds around possible changes to NASCAR schedule

    Buying into the theory that some states may not allow racing, I would think adding second, or even third dates to already existing tracks could be the way to go. The additional races at those tracks, I would presume would be the ones without fans. Not having a fall race at Martinsville would...
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    iRacing (Sim Racing) Controversy

    But - I mean no disrespect to sim racing. I personally detest it, but respect people who make more money doing it than I do in my career. I cannot fault people for going where the money is. You are worth what people are willing to pay you.
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    Live Stream?

    Internet and phone, too. Also - That doesn't include the additional fees I pay for ESPN+, MLB Extra Innings and NBA League Pass.
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