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    Regis Philbin

    I enjoyed Jeff Gordon when he subbed for Regis a few times, anyone else?
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    Bubba passes out

    One 3rd class wanna be brought NASCAR down, there’s always Archie Bunker re-runs.
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    What do you think of Jimme Johnson?

    On his Victory tour.
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    Old races to rewatch while we're postponed

    One Hot Night in Charlotte always fun to watch.
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    Cole Pearn stepping away from NASCAR

    Fatback McSwain once a CC on the #18 Interstate battery car quit and open a auto repair shop in Dallas N.C.
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    Kyle Busch WWE Champion

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    What's your unpopular NASCAR opinion?

    R. Petty still thinks he won 200 races.
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    Dale Jr. & family survive plane crash

    Wonder who was at that the controls of the plane???
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    Words that should be banned from all Nascar booths ?

    Richard Petty and Dale Earnhardt SEVEN TIME MONSTER ENERGY CHAMPIONS
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    Do you guys prefer a 2 man booth or 3 man booth and why?

    With the Waltrip over load in recent years, a two person nounce team would be better, I thinks.
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    so why did nascar seem cooler in the 80's? broadcast was way better!!

    For some reason Ken Squire couldn’t tell Darrell Earnhardt from Dale Waldrip.
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    Dale Sr

    Wrangler ask him to shave his mustache.
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