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    Charlotte RACE thread --- The 600

    The late caution would cost Chase no matter what the team did. At the time I thought it was a mistake to come in for tires when the top 10 stayed out. But when he got to 3rd I changed my mind, it was a good call; they banked on a second restart that didn't happen - it looked like there was a...
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    Potentially stupid question about no practice or qualifying at Atlanta

    I like the idea that they freeze the field for that caution. It shouldn't be about a quick stop, it should be about adjusting the car for competitive reasons.
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    Drone Cams

    Drones are another tool and I expect they will experiement with it (like the days when cameras were introduced to NASCAR). But I don't think they should be above racing surface, it would be a matter of time before a drone fails and possibly affect someone's race.
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    Potentially stupid question about no practice or qualifying at Atlanta

    They might need to add a competition caution to compensate for a lack of practice.
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    Bonehead of the Race: Darlington II

    Definately Kyle. He was driving with his mirrors and misjudged Chase's position badly and took away a decent chance at a win from Chase. He owned up to it and knows there will be retaliation.
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    Kenseth's take on Darlington return

    He's got the Mark Martin gene.
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    Bonehead of the week: Darlington I

    Jimmie Johnson was running better than he has in a long time, then he surprised me with poor judgement.
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    Darlington 400 and 500k Pre Race-Thread

    Aside from the physical distancing, I bet the drivers will like skipping all the extra stuff they are usually obliged to do.
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    The Beer Thread

    hehe - that doesn't look very light.
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    iRacing Series North Wilkesboro Pre Race Thread

    I'd like to see them map the car bodies from any decade. I think it would be cool to see a '66 Plymouth running with a '70 Chevy, an '85 Ford, and a 2019 Toyota.
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    Matty K to the 42

    Putting Kenseth in the 42 makes good sense. As a veteran he can get up to speed with the organization quickly. When he joined Gibbs he finished 2nd in the standings his first year. And he knows how the Gibbs and Roush operations work. He hasn't been in a car for a couple years so I wonder...
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    real race cars on track in two weeks

    Will they run with fewer crew members? A throwback idea would be to run a race with the typical number of crew members used decades ago.
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    iRacing Firestone 175 at Twin Ring Motegi

    I'd like to one of the Indycar drivers invited to drive in a NASCAR irace
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    RACE thread ---- iRacing at Bristol

    Settling grudges in a video game is better than doing it on a real track - and more entertaining.
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