100 Days to Indy - The TV Docuseries (2023)


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Feb 8, 2017
I had these recorded on the dvr for future viewing and since Xfinity Charlotte
got rained out, I jumped on them to see what they were all about. I watched
all 5 episodes and I guess the 6th and final episode will drop after the race.
All I got to say is OMG !!! I thought they were outstanding ! Got to see these
superstars behind the scenes with their family stories and around their homes.
It is without a doubt the best documentary style shows I have ever seen. I have
a new appreciation for the Will Power family as his wife has an amazing story.
Director and filming crew did a fantastic job.

Anyone else see these? Have a favorite part? The CW channel is carrying the shows.
Yes, they are very good. I had my doubts going in as so many shows like this dumb it down for people and/or add drama when it doesn't need it.

As much as I already like these drivers, this show has me liking them even more. You get to see their personalities so much more than the interviews at the track.
Series is amazing! I had been watching them leading up to Indy. Its really fun to see glimpses of the drivers outside the race track. Just gives more of their personalities and such

Really good stuff.
#6 episode dropped last week. Its on my dvr . I will get to it
at some point this week. Let me know what you thought of it.
As good as the other episodes. They did a good job on this and hopefully gathered more fans for Indycar.
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