12.97 @ 112 MPH!!



That is the ET time my brother's mustang ran Wednesday night at Palmdale. The car should have run a high 10 or low 11 but it was really hot, really windy and he was on street tires. Not even high performance street tires, all weather tires! A writer from Car Craft came over when we were tuning the car and said he wants to do a feature on the car. It was a great night.
Give us the article when it come out! sounds like fun
There was an article on his engine in the July issue of Mustangs and Fords magazine. It includes a dyno article. In the next few weeks, we are doing a part 2 article on the car itself.
Hey 66,What kind of powerhouse is he running in that poney?:)
It's a 418 cubic inch 351 pumping out 549 Hp and 537 ft-lbs of torque at the flywheel. All on pump gas and without any tune on the engine besides throwing a timing light at it. It could easily pump out 600 to 650 Hp if a little race gas was thrown at it and the timing was retarded a little bit more. He can't run with slicks because he will literally twist the car in half if he hooks up. It could easily be a 10 second car for the street. I could post a pictures but I don't know how.
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 I could post a pictures but I don't know how.

Just go to the "help" forum, pm Paul or DE_Wranger

I only learned a very short while ago, and PURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR
I think I did this right but if I didn't please tell me. (some pictures don't show on my computer)
I had my grand am gt up to 128mph.If you lived in my state,I'd race you!
What's that redneck song, "My Kinda Girl"? Know the one I'm talkin' about?

But in a Grand Am?
Hi, can you convert those to jpg or gif?

bmp's are huge, uncompressed files.
I will try. I had to scan them in black and white because they were to big of files.
Nope, he wants to put a full roll cage in it but doesn't have the money. Then he could have 5 points and run slicks. This is the car that Make-A-Wish has helped with when my brother had his cancerous tumors. Make-A-Wish has done so much for him.
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Car at the Drags

I had the same car back then, different color. But I still do NOT like fords.

Had my 240sx up to 140 on the highway at 3 am right after I bought it, scared the pizz outa myself.meowwww
We went about 130. This is a crazy street car. People keep saying it has no power when he does a burnout or gets a little sideways. What they don't know is that he is trying not to spin the wheels or get sideways. But when he does, it scares to crap out of both of us.
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