12 Hr of Bathurst starting Now


2022 RFFL Champion
Feb 8, 2017
Just ran across this on youtube. Starting now at 1:45 p.m. EST Saturday.
Halfway mark, 6 more hours to go.
Valentino Rossi in #46 (team) and in 6th place currently.
Another excellent race at the Mountain that gave the feeling the race is truly back from the pandemic now. The GruppeM Merc was the car to beat for most of the race but had trouble with the data logger or modem struggling to send data to race control and ultimately had to replace both on the final pit stop, losing time. Both they and the chasing Grello Porsche took tires for the stretch run but were jumped by the SunEnergy1 Merc from 3rd, who opted to double stint to the finish.

After catching and trying to make a pass over the course of 10-15 minutes Maro Engel opted to make a late lunge on (last week’s Rolex-winning teammate) Jules Gounon, they made contact and Gounon spun. Engel got a drive-through from the lead and had to charge back from 15 seconds down, while Gounon was tasked with holding off Matty Campbell. At the very end, Gounon held on just long enough as the top three wound up covered by 1.4 seconds after a 4h 45m green run to the finish. Easily a new distance record and all in front of another record crowd for a major enduro.

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