12 WC rides open next year and 5 top drivers



At least that is Bobby Hamilton's opinion. I've seen a couple of silly season summaries here, so somebody calculate this out. My instincts don't jive with his numbers.

A quote:

Bobby Hamilton, who won his first Winston Cup race driving for the legendary Richard Petty, appears to be headed back. The veteran driver from Nashville yesterday said he will make a decision on who he will drive for next season ''in the next month or two'' and confirmed that Petty Enterprises is high on the list of prospects. Hamilton said ''about 12 rides will be open, and about five top drivers available,'' which means some opportunities for some newcomers — perhaps including Bobby Hamilton Jr. ''Bobby has talked to some people [about moving from Busch to Winston Cup],'' his father said. ''We'll have to wait and see what's out there.''

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Personally, I hope BobbyJr spends at least one more year in BGN and proves his consistency. I think he has the makings of a good driver, but hope he doesn't rush things.
I don't know how he comes up with 12 open seats either.

1) 44
2) 43 (?)
3) 25
4) 28
5) 21
6) 1
7) 55 (which Hamilton Sr is leaving)
8) Teammate to the 55
9) 3rd Yates car (?)
10) 3rd Ganassi car (?)
well lets go with the possible and known rides open( i was going to do this a few days ago but forgot)

**= possible ride open
^= up in the air

^1- Park gone looking for new driver possible 1 year deal with park
2- no change
4- no known changes
5- no known changes
6- no known changes
7- no known changes
^8- Not signed for 2003 yet??
9- no known changes
^10- James Ince Signed up Johnny still working on it
11- Hooters looking to continue next year
12- no known changes
**14- Ride open
15- Mikey and Napa threw 2004
16- Biffle for ROTY
17- no known changes
18- pontaic to chevy
19- no known changes
20- Pontaic to Chevy
**21- Open Ride
22- Ward and Cat just signed new contract
**23- Hut and Hills bros gone
24- no known changes
**25- Open ride
26- no known changes
27- Scott Wimmer for ROTY
^28- Rudd gone, Sadler in?
29- no known changes
30- no known changes
31- no known changes
32- Ford to Pontaic ??
**33- Open ride
^36- Open ride
37- Cope on limited races
40- no known changes
^41- Open ride, Spencer possibly gone
^43- Nothing signed yet/ay not be back
**44- Nothing signed yet
45- new sponcer
48- no known changes
^49- open if team is?
**55- Open ride
**57- CLR team Open ride?
**59- Limited in 2003
60- jack Sprague (ROTY?)
^66- ride open if sponsor is found
72- Bodine racing 2nd car
74- BASE motorsports Tony Raines
77- no known changes
88- no known changes
90- team closed :(3 or 4
^91- Will ray bring this team out again
^92- if sponsor is found
97- no known changes
99- no known changes
** Cal Wells 2nd car
** Doug Yates team
^ third ganassi car

7 known open rides
plus 11 teamsup in the air
and 3 or 4 limited schedual teams

I changed it a little so its easier to read
well i see that while i was typing all that you guys did it the shorter better way Oh well
I think Kenny Wallace is in the 23 car next year. And anyway, we pretty much know that Sadler is in with Yates. Plus the Petree-Jones deal isn't official, nor is the Ganassi third car........it just doesn't add up to twelve.

Maybe Hamilton is exaggerating. Or maybe he knows some stuff we don't.

p.s. nice pup Tn-Ward-Fan
Originally posted by PettyBenson4510
well i see that while i was typing all that you guys did it the shorter better way Oh well

LOL PB4510! You get an A for effort bro! :)
We got a few open rides, a couple of good ones, but more so so stuff. Who are the top 5 drivers to fill the spots. Are we to assume that Bobby considers himself one of them??
lol im sure he does consider himself--one of those drivers
All of these open rides are just part of Nascar. Each and every team wants the best thing that they THINK is best for their team. When it doesnt work out its someone new to fill the gap in. Its a never ending chain. Most of these teams have no need to dump drivers. A lot of BS if you ask me.
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