2 number 27's in the cup entery list??

Discussion in 'NASCAR chat' started by PettyBenson, Jul 10, 2002.

  1. PettyBenson

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    Both Scott Wimmer and Kirk Shelmerdine are both numbered 27 for this weeks race i wounder who will change there number because they can't run the same number in the race. My bet would be that Kirk will change it to maybe number 72 since Scott is running 7 races this year and then the full cup season in 2003, not exactly sure what kirk is doing i think its just for a few races
  2. HardScrabble

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    Officially the Schelmerdine number is 127. But you can't run 3 digits so it would run as 27. Wimmer already has the 27. My understanding is that if both cars make the field the car with best qualifying run will get to keep the number.
  3. B.C. - 24

    B.C. - 24 Guest

    Why could you not run three digits if you wanted? That doesn't seem right.
  4. I was told nobody couldn't run 3 digit cars because most of the towers at the tracks only hnadle double digits. Also the transponders that handle the vehicle positions are programmed for two digits. These factors should all change as tracks are upgraded.
  5. pbunch

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    Nascar will wait till qualifying is over to figure if it will be a scoring problem.Just a guess though. :)
  6. who ever get a better qual time gets 27
  7. Awesome_Bill

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    But what will the other change too?
  8. rpmallen

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    I don't think qualifying position matters. If they know two cars are vying for the same number that week, they will try to figure that out before they get to the track. They do that by looking at their registration number. If Scott Wimmer's team has the #27 and Kirk has the #127, Scott's team will get to run the #27 that week. If Kirk is registered as #127 and Scott's team is registered as #227, then Kirk would get the #27.
  9. Rpmallan it is who ever is faster. go to www.jayski.com and i think he still has the story on them two under race stuff
  10. rpmallen

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    Interesting, that's not the way it used to be. But I'll take your word for it pettyfan4life. I like Kirk Smelderine in the ARCA series, but I think I'm going to pull for Scott Wimmer on this one. Then again, if neither makes the field, I guess this number issue will not be a problem! LOL.
  11. judas1

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    thanks for the info on why they wouldnt let them run a 3 digit, i remem when waltrip wanted to run the old tim flock number and wasnt allowed by nascar for it was 3 digits.

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